What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves

Nothing gets me motivated to move like a good song. I have more than a few to share, but if I must pick my top faves…

My weekly rotation:
Chris Brown: Beautiful People. It makes you feel good and the video is equal parts amazing.
David Guetta Ft. Usher: Without You. I couldn’t get through a run without this.
Emeli Sandé: Heaven. Listen closely to the lyrics. Amen to get getting through the day.
Sak Noel : Loca People. Our UK party anthem. You’ll be asking for your friend Johnny all the time.
Delilah: GO. This jam starts out slow and is perfect for a strong finish or cool down.

Shout out to my favourite local radio station, BBC Radio 1. Some Europeans love the dance music, like bring your glow sticks kind of music:)

What songs am I missing, especially from the states?!

iTune it up.


8 responses to “What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves

  1. I’m going to have to check out a few of the ones I don’t know. I’m always looking for new stuff. I’m still listening to all of the fun summer hits for the most part. I can’t get past some of the remixes.

  2. I’m still obsessed with the Adam Levin + Gym Class Heroes “Stereo Hearts”. I’ve nixed the iPod during runs (traded in for run-buddy chatting! and also cross-walk-attention, not getting hit by these city drivers), but I listen to it approximately 4 times per day on the shuffle + radio. LOVE.

    Anything David Guetta does gets a thumbs-up!

  3. I still can’t bring myself to intentionally listen to Chris Brown and I always feel guilty when I realize he’s the one who performs a song I like. I second Stereo Hearts and as much as I hate it, Moves like Jagger gets my legs moving!

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