Earned, Not Given

Own it.

Sometimes the simple mantra of “Just Do It” sums it all up.

Post marathon. I miss the miles on some occasions, but now I’m rocking more of the “I’ll try anything once mantra.” You can either sit and wish and hope, or you can plan and do. I’m in the “plan and do”phase. You don’t get it easy, you get it by getting off you’re a**.

You don’t have to drink the Crossfit Kool-Aid to breakdown the crux of the program. You go in for an hour and you are honestly trying to beat everyone in the room, and ultimately yourself. It’s inspiring being around healthy and fit people, and having a trainer stay on you until you get it right. The way you carry yourself changes when you’re being challenged. “What good is fitness attained without proper application?” It has done more for me mentally than I could have expected a few weeks into the workouts.

How do you get your kicks?


9 responses to “Earned, Not Given

  1. Love this. Your more hardcore than I am for sure, but I’m with you on the “try anything once” and “do one thing a day that scares you” mantra. CrossFit is definitely inspiring and has opened my eyes to a whole new level of fitness.

  2. {Love the new blog look! Even the design seems hardcore…}
    “The way you carry yourself changes when you’re being challenged.” <– TRUTH. My ticks come from the weekly "Mountain Warrior" class at the Ryders' studio (spin bikes that weigh a ton and move left to right). Every class is different; I never know if I'll walk out barely able to move my arms, dead from a cardio hit, or hardly able to laugh/caugh/sneeze the next day. Usually it's a mix of it all, and I can feel it paying off. Love the challenge!

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