Four Minutes to Save the World

Yea, it happened. I got sucked into the Crossfit vortex. Trust me, this was not planned. I have a hard time paying $$ for trainers and due to Zumba I’m sketchy of things that quickly catch on in pop culture.

“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity.”

For me, it was all about timing. Pun intended. You can knockout a good workout in 20 minutes. Hallelujah, coming from someone that had to run an hour+ multiple times a week. I felt like last week I had a Crossfit intervention and curiosity definitely got the best of me.

What’s this Crossfit stuff:
– How I described Crossfit to Norak, “Mom, you remember seeing that pic of Cameron Diaz push that tire in Us Weekly? That’s Crossfit.”
– Best quote ever from The Boss, “It’s not what you’re doing in the gym that’s the problem.” Touché.
– It has the spin “scalability” mindset, scalable to individual ability levels.
– High intensity = that point right before you think you could heave or blackout. Lurve it.
– Your body is sore, that feel good sore, in places you probably haven’t felt in a few years.
– 26.2 miles can show you a lot, but so can 26.2 minutes.
– I realize my poor hus never stood a chance teaching me how to workout. Actually having someone keep an eye on you is what I need, and patience. You aren’t just another person in a class, it’s a fairly small group.
– Accountability. You get what you pay for. Put up or shut up.

Is this for everyone, absolutely not. Andrew supports me, but he could practically teach this stuff and doesn’t need quite the motivation like I do. I am welcoming the challenge, flipping my routine on its head a bit.

This is only day 2, so lawrd only knows how I’ll be feeling in a month. This new car smell new workout excitement might wear off.

AND big shout out if you are in the ATL/Mayretta area to Crossfit Kennesaw. You can blame thank them for this post.

Would you be game for something like Crossfit?

7 responses to “Four Minutes to Save the World

  1. Wow. I have always been intrigued by Crossfit…and like you, thought it might be too pop culture to be as good as it sounds. After reading this, I’m totally interested in trying it!! Love turning a workout on its head. Awesome!

  2. I have a couple friends that “do” crossfit and love it… I have been interested in trying it and might be game once I’m back at the kickin’ a$$ level of activity! almost there…

  3. I think I already told you this in my last comment, but I tried CrossFit for the 1st time last week and I’m going back tomorrow or Friday. I doubt I’ll be someone who goes 5 days a week, but you never know! As long I still have time for running, yoga, spin, etc. 😉

  4. As mentioned previously, I did try this post-marathon last October and got my ask whooped. Two of our lulu ambassadors own a gym and welcomed us to a “lulu specific” class (since most of us hadn’t gone through the Foundations training). HOLY WHOA. I loved the workout, but for long-term commitment, I’m more into a mix of stuff. The QiRyders classes I rave about are a good mix of ridiculus XFit style strength moves + spin – THAT’S an obsession, right there.

  5. Another one drinks the cross fit kool-aid! I have a few friends who are religious cross fitters. No doubt people fall in love with it, hence it’s cult like following however, it’s not for me.

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