God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

Today my beautiful mother turns 50ish:) I cannot find the right words to express how awesome she is. This woman has been “on the clock” for 31 and a half years. Here’s to you mom~

That's her on the right.

This past year our relationship has grown even further and the older I get the more I respect my mother for all of her patience and sacrifices. I also realize, as I think about growing my own family, how much of her crazy advice and nurturing I’m going to need.

Winnie, Norak and Poo

Don’t know Norak? Here’s a few things you have to know about my mom:
– Hysterical first and foremost
– Aways has water
– Huge Jimmy Buffet fan, and somewhere she thinks that he invented Margaritaville for her
– Can only handle one margarita
– Loves luhhves to dance (perhaps in relation to the item above)
– Elton John’s “Your Song” reminds me of my mom’s blue eyes
– Always carries gum, preferably Dentyne Ice

Princesses on the run!

– Now can say she’s a “half marathoner”
– Is disgusting in love with my father
– Still looks hawt in a bikini
– Bookworm
– Fanatic of morning workout videos
– Ready to move to the beach, like yesterday



When you can’t find the words, it’s OK to use someone else’s. “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” – Maya Angelou


5 responses to “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

  1. Norak looks like one chick I could sit down with for a beer and good, hilarious conversation (or a Marg – we can branch out, Norak)! Happy Birthday to the gum-carrier, Mom, Jimmy B-lover and runner!

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