2 ½ Men Fired, Why Nike Should Hire Sheen

Where's Topper Harley when you need him?

It’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore the massive media circus surrounding Charlie Sheen. Behind every good publicist is a bat sh*t crazy celebrity.

With all of Sheen’s ramblings, I must admit that some are actually making sense. He may have a future career as a slogan copywriter. I’m picking up what you’re putting down Chuck!

Top 5 reasons why Nike should hire Charlie Sheen:
1. He believes in the Nike mantra, “Nike didn’t say just try it, they said just do it.”
2. Knows the importance of Tiger blood.

Someone else that "just did it"

3. Like athletes, he’s not afraid to take a drug test and share the results with the public.
4. He’d be a hard worker. He has “one speed, one gear, go!”

On that note, I wish him a speedy recovery, pun intended.


7 responses to “2 ½ Men Fired, Why Nike Should Hire Sheen

  1. D is mourning the loss of “2 1/2 Men”…I’m wondering why two blondies are hanging on the arm of a Crazy person, and when Charlie changed his name to “Hugh”…???

    Nike, get on it!

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