Princesses Don’t Sweat, They Sparkle – Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap

I have been noticeably absent. Many things are moving around and I am more of an introvert when talking about important personal things, typically I go into hiding. Nonetheless, I am dusting the cobwebs off this place because it’s time to celebrate!

Norak and I took part in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Norak took training very seriously, never wavered in any of her training runs, followed everything by the book, even the diet. I am incredibly impressed. As I still train for my upcoming marathon, I used the race as a rather exciting “long run.”(evil laugh). I loved being able to actually act like I know what goes on during races now.

Jessica gave us quite the sendoff with Mickey Princess cupcakes! Most amazing friend. How cute are the Mickey Oreo ears!?

Hidden Mickey Cupcakes

This is my fourth half, Norak’s first and it was great to see the excitement she had leading up to the race.Of course the excitement can be somewhat deflated when getting up at 3 AM, brutal. The race was EARLY, 5:45 start time. That’s not very magical, Disney.

The magical 13.1 fairy tale journey included:
– A long, boring corral wait. One hour to be exact, I definitely got tired of waiting, not to mention sleepy.
– Fireworks at the send off of the race. OK, score one for the mouse.
– Disney characters, everywhere. Disney lined the course with Jack Sparrow, Woody and Princes galore. The craziest thing were the lines on the race course for runners to take pics with these characters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone stop for pictures during a race. I was pulling Norak past the people, we had a pace to keep:) Looking back, it would have been fun to stop and take photos along the race.
– Great music, volunteers and fun along the run. Most important way to pass the miles. I thought the race flew by.
– Best part of the race was running through the kingdom. It was just cool! And that could have been 5 miles and I wouldn’t have known, it made for amusing entertainment.
– Princess fairy dusting to conclude the race. Glitter galore. Hey, princesses don’t sweat, we sparkle.

And we HAVE to brag….Norak made her first half-marathon in 2:12! Are you kidding me?! How fabulous is that? Motivation enough. Taking a queue from Peter Pan, I believe I can run!

I cannot thank the family enough for being there. Prince Dad got up with us and stayed with us the whole time. Mikey and Heather showed up, sign and all. Having support is the number one thing to making a race successful.

Pretty in pink, and purple.

Most importantly, my mom showed me that she is somewhat interested in my crazy running hobby. She is still going to keep up with running, and even has plans for doing another race soon!

As for marathon training, talk about a time suck. It takes a great deal of mental and physical preparation to get through 15+ miles almost every weekend. Meghan tells me to stick it out, and I know it will be more than rewarding, but I’m ready to start tri training full court.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who support my passion, for that I am blessed. Here’s to finally getting spring fever and the running itch back.

Anyone tried the Disney races? What’s your favorite event?

17 responses to “Princesses Don’t Sweat, They Sparkle – Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap

  1. Hi gorgeous friend! I’ve missed you. I’m so glad you and Norak had a great race and that you gave us a recap!! I’m wildly impressed with Norak’s determination and running capabilities. I want to email my mom this link right now and tell her to train for a race with me. 🙂 Love ya. xo

  2. HELLO!!! Congrats, Team Norak!! What an impressive feat – no doubt she’s caught the race bug and you’ll be pacing her for a sub-2 before ya know it!

    Glad to hear you’re 1) alive 2) surviving your training and 3) alive. Miss you gal 😉 xo

    I’ve never done a Disney event – the idea seems awesome and fun, but omg the long Start Line waits and the cost have kept me away thus far…but I Could be convinced for the Food & Wine Festival race (which I think starts this year?)!

  3. Congrats to you and Norak! Keep positive with marathon training, it will all be worth it in the end.

    Mickey and I didn’t get along at the half marathon I ran in Disney in Jan. Probably won’t run one again.

  4. DAMN!!! Norak killed her first half! That is INSANE! Good for her!!! As for you – I give ANYONE who commits to a full marathon major kudos. It is QUITE the committment and a huge achievement. Keep it up girl!

  5. Thanks for convincing me that I could do a half. Loved runnning with you and appreciate you sacrificing a faster time so you could keep pace with mom. Definitely recommend the Princess Half for first time marathoner no matter what your age. The entertainment and supporters made the time go by quickly. Looking forward to my next half. I didn’t work this hard for a one and done.

  6. weeeee!! hey there, girlfriend!! totally missing you, but I also understand not wanting to talk about stuff on the bloggy – I rarely do. been thinking about ya, hope everything is good and getting better.

    and HUZZAH Team Norak! thought of you two this weekend!


  7. Congratulations to you and Norak! You rocked it! I thought of you this weekend and hoped you were having fun in Disney with your mom. I’m so glad you returned to share with us! My mom is running her first half in May and I couldn’t be more excited!

  8. If I’m not knocked up or with a newborn, I wanna do it next year!!!! You’ve inspired me. And well lets face it. If i’m gonna be running, it needs to be through the Magic Kingdom.

  9. yea! your back. I missed you. Congrats to NOrak, thats amazing! She’s a rock star.
    ANd as for you….I really wish we could be training together for this marathon. I am in the SAME EXACT BOAT!! Mentally drained.
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts for those long runs friend.

  10. Wow! 2:12 for a first-timer! That’s amazing! High five for mom. Congratulations to both on a wonderful, adorable race. And welcome back to the blogging world—I’ve missed you!

  11. Hello as others have said you have been missed! I hope everything is going well.

    I was actually a volunteer for the race this year and had lots of fun. All of the costumes were great and it looked like everyone had a great time. I thought about you guys running the race. YAY for you both! Your mom did an awesome job for her first half- very impressive! 🙂

    Good luck with your continued marathon training- you can do this! 🙂

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