Beer… Now there’s a temporary solution.

Running sure does make you thirsty. The best holiday present I gave the hubs -> a home brew kit. My lil’ engineer is applying his knowledge to making delicious home brew concoctions. Or as Norak would say, moonshine.

I knew he would take it seriously, but he’s got this down to a science.

With the AMAZING help of a dear friend, Ms Kristina, I found a great local brew master shop that gave me everything I needed. Highly recommend getting something at a store rather than ordering online for a slew of reasons. Our first homemade brew is similar to New Belgium Fat Tire. You can get a recipe pretty close to real deal, but obviously our ingredients aren’t as fancy as New Belgium.

The home brewing took about 4 hours (and stunk up the kitchen a bit). I’m sure our second time will be much easier. From there, the carboy sat in our bathtub for two weeks to simmer. That way if the thing went drastically wrong, it would explode in a place we could easily clean up, lol.

We were able to sample the beer in its infancy, with no carbonation. Imagine flat Coke. It wasn’t awful so we are hopeful the final product will be tasty. Then we bottled – that’s def the most fun. The recipe ended up making close to 50 beers. The beers will finally be ready in another week and we are anxious to taste what happened. And of course, we will need a name. But like a naming a child, Andrew is waiting to taste the beer before he labels it.

So there, that’s how beer is made, ha. Who doesn’t love good hobby? If only I had the brass to make wine, now that would be serious.

What’s one of your favorite/odd hobbies?

25 responses to “Beer… Now there’s a temporary solution.

  1. YAAAY!!! isn’t it SO much fun! I’m so happy they took care of you… I’ve been in enough brewery stores to know – the people who work there LOVE to talk beer, and even more LOVE to help newbies.

    I love that you put it in the tub!

    Yes, the engineer in Jason is completely indulged in our beer making adventures… he totally geeks out with the numbers. 🙂

    We are about to bottle our next batch… 🙂

  2. my brother makes his own beer too. It does stink, you are right. But it was pretty good. He just made a coffee/chocolate falvored beer. Lets just say it was STRONG! haha.
    Cheers to a good run!

  3. I hope Andrew doesn’t actually taste your first born, although that would be a funny story. Next up, you should try bottling your own Kombucha. I’ll be your official taster. Of both items.

  4. I think this is so awesome! Billy and I aren’t big beer drinkers, but I bet we’d have fun learning how to make wine. 😉

    We really got into gardening last spring/summer and eating the things we grew. So random for us but it was fun. Maybe we’ll do it again.

  5. I love reading magazines for hours and cutting out every cool pic or recipe or quote or…..anything I like and putting it into a book haha. I like yours better 😉

  6. I’m sure if you were closer to the source, you’d nail that New Belgium recipe! Ahem, hint…hint… 😉

    “Like naming a baby”…”he had to taste it”. Heh, no comment.

  7. So cool! I hope it comes out great!! I’ve never tried brewing my own beer but had friends do it once. Unfortunately they weren’t very good at it — the beer tasted like vomit. Here’s hoping yours is WAY better than that! 😉

  8. I bought my boyfriend a brewing kit a couple years ago and he goes to a specialty beer ingredients store now. Currently brewing is an India Pale Ale blend. Pretty rad.
    The smell reminds me of passing the Budweiser brewing factory in Virginia by Busch Gardens and it’s gross in my opinion, but then again, I’m not a beer drinker.
    There’s wine brewing as well, I’m so snobby about wine, I’d be thoroughly disappointed in myself if it came out like crap. ha!

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