Try to relax and enjoy the crisis.

After living in Michigan for a few years, I realize how panicked our lil southern city gets when it snows.

We got a whopping 5 inches, which means we snowed ourselves in with friends. We planned ahead for a snowpocalypse. Brilliant idea. Our friends baked brownies and Rice Krispie treats. Nothing says “snow” like a glass of vino and a tasty Krispie treat. Plus, pulling a sled with a four-wheeler at 1 AM, priceless.

Sled this!

Having a relaxing snow day, but I still need to “train.” This means I’ll be hoofing it up a mountain instead of running a flat trail. True adaptation to a training schedule. (I promise to unveil my training schedule soon!!)

This weekend I conquered 14 miles in freezing temps and wind, but honestly it wasn’t bad. Norak joined me for 6. I officially believe in a running buddy now. My definition of a running buddy is someone that has a similar pace/workout style/etc., otherwise I’m pushing all cylinders chasing after someone (i.e., Andrew).

And in other news, I’m talking some time off here and there from posting. I am sure some of y’all noticed my wonky post times, but part of my resolution was enjoying more time with friends and family. I truly adore everyone and sorry if this puts a kink in things for a bit.

What’s your favorite snowy day activity?

23 responses to “Try to relax and enjoy the crisis.

  1. Hi darling! Sounds like a really fun snow day (snow night?). And way to go with your 14 miles! I’m so proud of you and Norak – it’s really awesome. I’m looking for a new running buddy. I lost Billy after we completed the half marathon in December. Haha. It snowed a tiny bit in Dallas – everyone freaked out as you might imagine. I’m working at home in pj’s drinking hot tea. I’ll go out for a run this afternoon when it warms up…to 32. 🙂

  2. Yeah- living in Germany for 3 yrs has me laughing at how everyone is freaking out here! But, at least UGA closed for the day, so I’ll take it 🙂 I’ll even take a snow day tomorrow! I’m so proud of you for working out in the freeing temps-how do you do it! Enoy the day!

  3. the snow is supposed to arrive here this week… Portland gets ridiculous and the city just shuts down… 😉 awesome that you are getting great runs in still!!

  4. Good for you for taking time off from posting on a strict schedule. I’ve been trying to do that too – it’s SO easy to let the blog rule you without intended it to!!

  5. I love snow days! I hate icy roads for running, but I am definitely looking forward to a day off in pajamas on Wednesday (we’re expecting a foot) although training continues! Great job getting out there!

    Enjoy precious moments with your family and friends. That truly is important…and we will be here when you post!

  6. I can only imagine the “OH Sh*t” reaction to a southern Snowpour. 😉 Glad you guys are having fun with it and getting a few days off! But your poor Georgah running shoes, have no idea what’s gotten in their way…

  7. I hope you guys have finally been able to dig yourselves out from all that snow! I guess for a city that’s not used to snow, 5 inches can be pretty crippling. We’re in the midst of our own blizzard here. Everything has been closed down and the snow is coming down fast. I think I’ll go out for a little hike in it with the pup if the wind settles down a little bit.

    I think it’s great that you’ve resolved to spend a extra time with your friends and family. In my book, that trumps blogging any day. 🙂

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