The Things I do for Love…or Running

The things we do for love, for family, for ourselves. After running into a wall, literally, this weekend I realized I’ve made some sacrifices to get in a solid run.

I’ve run in some interesting circumstances:
– Dreaded hotel gym
– Dreaded hotel gym after company dinner
– In the cold/drizzle
– In the snow
– After demolishing a candy “bar” at a girlfriend’s baby shower
– At the crack of dawn
– At o’dark o’clock
– In the scorching heat of high noon
– Lost in Florida
– On cracked, janky sidewalks
– When nobody would run with me

Granted these situations were ones I put myself in — when you’re training it’s a different mindset. It’s like you take a silent oath to run when you have/need to and hope nobody catches on that you could be certifiable. As much as running may beat me up, more often than not it’s been good to me – and for me. I wouldn’t take back any one of those one miles.

In the poignant words of former Dallas coach Ron Meyer, “Don’t tell me about the labor, just show me the baby!”

Christmas Classic: The subdivision I grew up in put out luminaries every year on the second weekend before Christmas. Once it was dark, the streets would be lined with little candles in paper bags. I always thought it was so Santa would know where to go. The family would walk around and look at the Christmas lights. Always beautiful.

As a kid, did you ever go around looking at all the Christmas lights?


28 responses to “The Things I do for Love…or Running

  1. To add to your list – try running home from Boars Head to keep from freezing only to decide to pull a Jack Bauer like 24 episode all-nighter and begin brewing coffee at 3am to go on a 5am run. Made it from Whistlebury to the KD house before the hangover and exhaustion nearly killed me (coincidentally enough, it was between Christmas and New Years so there was no one I could call to come get me… thus I had to hoof it home in the frigid cold and less than ideal physical state of being). And lastly, I love xmas lights. I’m such a nerdy little kid.


  2. Love this post! 🙂 I have certainly run in some interesting places and situations, but I think it is worth it. You just feel so darn good and accomplished and strong and happy when you complete a run!
    I love searching and looking for Christmas lights! We usually drive around different neighborhoods to check them out. This year I even went on a run just as it was getting dark so I could check out the lights; it was awesome!

  3. I have been out of running long enough, but immediately could relate to this in both skiing and tennis. 😀 I suppose I have gotten up early for races before…

    we have an area in Portland called “Peacock Lane” where everyone HAS to have lights and decor on the houses… the street is walkable and there are police every night to direct traffic – it is huge. and beautiful.

  4. Yes, my family would drive to the historically most extravagant houses around town. Christmas lights are probably one of my favorite things about Christmastime.

  5. “I wouldn’t take back any one of those one miles.” You have many crazy miles ahead, too! We definitely put ourselves into some crazy situations, but never regret a run. Certifiable, indeed.

    We always drive around after the Xmas eve service to look at lights! And luminarias are everywhere in the Southwest. Must be because Santa can’t navigate the desert 😉

  6. I love that quote~ “just show me the baby!”

    We always go around looking at Christmas lights. In fact, I think we might pick a night to do that this week. Really gets me in the holiday mood.

  7. oh heck ya, running in the dark, cold, dreary, hot, hummid, scorching sun, and more…..makes for some pretty good running stories too!
    I love looking at lights, its fun to see all the crazy decorated homes as well!

  8. We would always go looking at Christmas lights – and we’re Jewish! Ha!

    Running takes some serious dedication to deal with all of those earthly “elements”.

  9. I’ve taken the oath. I’ve been labeled certifiable. I don’t care. 🙂

    I love looking at Christmas lights. I remember my parents packing us into the car with bags of popcorn and a thermos of hot chocolate, all bundled up to go for ride. Happy memories!

  10. Oh, I’m definitely certifiable. I’ve been known to run in some crazy conditions, all for the sake of “getting it in” I think that in order to be a runner, you’ve got to be at least a little crazy! 🙂

    I LOVE that Nike ad! So awesome and so true!

    And we definitely used to drive around looking at Christmas lights. There was this place by my grandparents that we’d always go to Thanksgiving weekend that had these amazing light displays. You’d drive through a couple mile stretch of road and along the way there would be a bunch of really neat holiday scenes made from lights. I loved it

  11. Well said! Looking back on a years worth of running is so rewarding, you absolutely can see/feel measurable differences. Oh the places you’ll go….next year.

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