Miles of Memories

Y’all are too sweet! Thank you for all the awesome comments wishing my family a fun trip. We did Disney…and Epcot…and Universal. I am pooped. I’ll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow.

I am not sure how, between the parks, outlet shopping and nasty weather I stuck to my running schedule. I am typically a naughty traveler and don’t stick to well to my running routine, but when you’re glued to family sometimes a little escape is needed.

My grandmother’s quote of the trip as we were walking down main street at Disney World: “We’re making memories.”
Ah, the simple things in life.

For now, a photo montage…everybody loves a montage, ha!

Mikey's Neighbor (love to see that electric bill!)

Just one treadmill, I think it was in a room the size of a closet, facing a wall. DREADmill indeed.

Harry Potter Wizarding World

Mickey's Merry Christmas

Mikey Likey: Team Gryffindor

Jaws. This shark, swallow you whole.

Did everyone stay warm this weekend?

19 responses to “Miles of Memories

  1. Wow. Officially need a Christmas trip to the Wonderful world of Disney! That’s beautiful….well, done Mickey/Mikey. AND…10 points to Gryffindor!! Love the pic of you two 😉

    Dreadmill to the MAX, though. Sheesh – not very Disney-esque.

  2. aw, your grandmother… SO sweet. and makes me miss my Grandpa Z… he was the same way, and I still “stop and smell the roses” in his honor.

    exciting weekend here… the river crested the banks and came into our yard. *whew* hate when that happens… but gets the heart rate up for sure!

    here’s to a normal week. 😉

  3. eeek, the dreadmill of death for sure! But you rock for sticking to your plan. Impressive! And yes, memories…sweet memories. I can see that in your pictures. So sweet!

  4. That’s the worst treadmill set up I’ve ever seen! Haha. Gorgeous pic of you. Love the black and white. And so glad you get to spend time with your sweet grandmother. Billy and I stayed very warm in L.A. this weekend but I’m ready to get home!

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