It’s a Small World After All

This is how I feel right now:

Photo via.

Snow globe of emotional chaos (the classy glass kind, not the snow globes made of plastic with a plug). I am not a person that sits idle. I’m driven, goal-oriented and enjoy a challenge. Working on a few things, which you’ll probably hear more of in the new year.

This is where I am with my mom and grandmother:

2nd annual “Nanny Spends Her Birthday With Mickey.” We are headed down to see my brother and I could seriously use some family time right now. Plans to tackle the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are on the list. I am begging to squeeze in some Harry Potter Wizarding World time at Universal.

I’m looking forward to being still. Although Norak is dead-set on sticking to her training plan for the half, we’re traveling with a fuel belt kids, haa.

What’s the best part of road trip?


18 responses to “It’s a Small World After All

  1. Honestly, I’ve had way too many road trips from VA to MA to see my family to say the actual trip is fun. For me, the best part is just finally being there.

    OH, and please go to Hogwarts! My mother and sister went and said it was awesome. So is butterbeer, FYI.

  2. Hope you have a great trip! I sooo love that your mom is sticking to the running plan. High 5’s to her. I really hate road trips. I don’t sit still well so riding in a car is pure torture. I have found that audio books do help pass the time. I hope you enjoy your family time.

  3. Have fun doing a bit of pre-Christmas celebrating! Enjoy your trip!

    I’m honestly happy I don’t have to do much roadtripping with the family. It’s pretty much a matter of me going to them. So I get the silence, rocking out to MY music, phone conversations without feeling rude…

    I’ve convinced myself driving solo isn’t that bad. A talent that many have yet to acquire.

  4. That sounds like so so much fun! I am so happy that you get to spend time with the fam. You are definitely a classy snow globe, loved how you related that. I want to go to the new HP theme park…take lots of pics and I will live through your life.
    I love watching endless hours of movies on my lap top during road trips!

  5. yep, I have to agree with Jenae, I pass the time watching movies on my laptop… also? I probably annoy others with my singing, but I bring awesome music and sing along in the car… LOUD. 😉

    have a fabulous trip!!

  6. I LOVE road trips. I’m always in charge of snacks and Billy is in charge of entertainment. We take turns driving so neither of us gets sick of it. I hope you have an amazing and rejuvenating time with your family. xoxo

  7. The fuelbelt could serve a double responsibility as the tourist-phanny-pack – STYLISH. Norak could rock it 😉

    I’m guessing Gran is in the 144-drinks-round-the-World Epcot challenge, yes? Keep us posted.

  8. Jealous, I didn’t get a chance to go to the Wizard World when I was in FL for Thanksgiving, hoping to when I am down for the half marathon. Best thing about a boys road trip is the anticipation and hype leading up to it.

  9. Sounds amazing!! I would love some family time myself right now — it’s nice to be able to be with them around the holidays. Have a great trip and definitely go to Hogwarts! I’ve always wanted to and I want you to be able to report back!

  10. awesome, have fun!! i’m getting to see my family as we speak (first time in a year.) we flew back to Canada and in the last week, we’ve been to 3 Canadian cities; in the next 5 days, we’ll be to 2 more. by the end of the month, i’ll be done with flights and road trips for a while. 🙂

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