Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag…for the Gym

She’s making a list, checking it twice. While I am shopping for friends and family, I thought I’d put together a winter wonderland workout wish list. I asked Andrew to help out as well, and maybe the birthday pup had a hand:

Livestrong Apparel: Nike’s Livestrong Dri-FIT gear for men and women feels fantastic. Andrew says this gear fits his physique the best and I like the way it wicks sweat. Super lightweight.

NikeFree: We said this was a “wish” list and I don’t have a pair of these kicks yet, but I am anxious to have a pair of shoes to wear when I’m not running/training. These would be ideal for cross training.

Cycling Socks: I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve washed these. Andrew got me hooked on running in cycling socks, and I’m happy to report blister free!

Sweat Bands: Almost as good as buddy bands, almost. Instead of carrying a towel around at the gym, rock a sweat band on your wrist – easier to keep up with.

Triathlete Gear: OK too hard to pick – I’ll take one of each, Santa baby.

Planet Dog: I have a Jack Russell that can tear through military grade materials. We’ve had Indy’s Planet Dog balls for 6 years now and minus a few boo boos, they are well in tact. He carries them around like a blanket. They don’t stink and can be run-over by a lawn mower and survive.

Christmas Classic: My mom and I know It’s A Wonderful Life by heart. We have the trivia game, blanket, pillows, watch, book, etc. We watch it every Christmas! “You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.”

What did Santa leave out of his bag of gear goodies?


25 responses to “Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag…for the Gym

  1. SHOES! The Nike Eclipse shoe is on my wish list, very similar but a little more flat on the bottom. I need SOMETHING that prevents me from wearing Flats to work, which is not agreeing with my feet/legs. And they’re cute, whoop! 🙂

  2. SHOES! I heart those Nikes, too. The “Eclipse” version are on my wish list, so that I stop wearing Flats to work (i.e. to stand on my feet for 8 hours). My feet/legs are not agreeing with the latter, but they love them so Nikes. 😉

  3. I love that movie.

    Basil is the same way… within 20 minutes of being given a new toy, it is trashed and I have to throw it away… Planet Dog is the only brand that he cannot puncture and eat… therefore the floors of our house look like a Planet Dog showroom… our Little Brown is spoiled. 😀

    I need to try cycling socks…

  4. kswiss has an awesome new fuel belt! I just got one and it rocks. I also want the new garmin. Sheesh, why do all my “wants” have to been so darn $$?!!

  5. I want the Nike Frees, too! I need to get to the store and try on the different types. And I need some other basic running gear and more socks, too. My new Garmin is the very basic one but it’s a good place to start. 🙂

  6. I LOVE “It’s a Wonderful Life!!” It’s our tradition to watch it every year, and I can probably recite the entire movie. There’s no better Christmas flick, in my opinion 🙂

    Question: where did you order those Planet Dog toys?? My pup chews through everything…even tennis balls!! These seem like the perfect solution.

    •, REI has a few, and specialized pet stores will carry them – the big stores like Pets Mart don’t. We spent SO much money on toys until Planet Dog. I absolutely swear by them. The best one that’s held up is the snowball, no ridges to pick at.

      Sorry for the long reply – I’m a huge fan:)

  7. Great list. I wrote a review on the Nike Free, you should check it out. Overall I liked them, not as much as my new Brooks Launch, though.

  8. I never thought to run in cycle socks! What kind do you have? I only have two pairs of smart wool so they might not be the greatest in the summer. Is it wrong that just thinking about those socks makes me want to wear them under my heels at work??

  9. I want a garmin and a schmancy new camera. But I’m not getting either of them. Small, homemade sentimental gifts are what I’m giving and I’d hate to expect any more than that in return.

  10. My list includes Christmas Vacation. I don’t know why, but I still laugh at every joke and I’ve watched that movie 100’s of times.

    I’ll confess to buying myself gingerbread vanilla flavored gu in hopes that it will motivate me to run long enough this winter to need to fuel on a run. Pathetic… but true.

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