What If + Birthday Wishes

Other than the frigid weather, the weekend was fabulous. Today, we are celebrating a BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Dr Indiana Jones. Our pup turns the big 06! This was him 2 years ago when we made meatloaf cupcakes to celebrate…..mmm meatcakes.

Happy Birthday Dr Jones!

Heather, fabulous pal over at Side of Sneakers, sneakily asked tagged me to answer a few questions. Not one to say no…

1. Why did you start your blog? It was a Jerry Maguire moment, “Who’s coming with me besides… “Flipper” here?” I actually started a n site Gone With the Wine a few years ago when we moved to Michigan so that my GA fam and friends could keep up with me. That blog turned into I’m Supertramp (from Into the Wild), which eventually led me to finding my passion here with healthy living and fitness. I guess you aren’t suppose to get it right the first time, and that’s OK.

2. If you had any physical ability in the world, what race or event would you do? Ironman Kona would be ridiculous, followed closely by Olympics skiing. I am an utter disaster on the slopes, but sweet jeebus do those skiers fly!

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? I haven’t been to enough places to make a fair judgment, but stateside I’d say Chicago and overseas would have to be Germany.

4. What would you do with a million dollars? You are not allowed to save it or pass it out to all your friends. I would totally spend it, don’t worry about saving it, haa. I would start my own company and buy my own island. I love living in seclusion. Hopefully I’d have enough money left over to get Roger Federer to teach me tennis, and then make sure to hire a hawt personal trainer to keep me in shape.

5. What would you do if you played hooky from work/school for a week? Travel. Preferably somewhere warm.

6. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Do you still gain weight? If that’s not an issue, Mexican.

7. You get to spend the day with a famous person. Who would it be and why? Part of me wants to say grab a beer with Brad Pitt or Mr Timberlake, or perhaps learn business and spend a lavish afternoon with billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Christmas Classic: The yearly debate of, “do we put colored lights or clear lights on the tree.” I loved colored lights as a kid, but everyone thinks clear lights seems more classy. Pfft.

Question for you: What item (not a person) would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

35 responses to “What If + Birthday Wishes

  1. Yes, Indiana (a.k.a Cindy) is 42 today, livefortherun is tasked with creating the pup’s meatcake later this evening…but just be sure to double up the portions for multiple participants…


    as a former ski racer and tennis instructor, I LOVE some of your answers… 😉

    how about my phone, so I could call people to come visit me?

    “in seclusion” reminds me of Big Lebowski. 😉

  3. I too learned from my first blogging experience, it was about the NY Mets. I think I have figured it out a little bit more now. Love Jon Krakauer and Into the Wild1

    I’d take Wilson with me, that dude is so much fun.

  4. Just found your blog (love it!) and wanted to say “hi” to another Atlanta native.

    Oh, and if I were stranded on an island I would want my laptop and wireless card (I know that is techinically 2 items… but they’re small!).

  5. I need to know more about this deserted island… Hehe. I’d love to have my running gear with me (that’s NOT one item, I know). And anything that plays music. I’d go nuts without music. I’d also need a toothbrush and some floss. I WOULD NEVER SURVIVE ON A DESERT ISLAND. Just thinking about it stresses me out, clearly. Hehe.

  6. Happy Birthday Indy!! I hope he had a fabulous day filled with treats and meatcakes. 🙂

    We have that same debate at my parent’s house every year. So the past few years we’ve gotten 2 trees — one to fill with “classy” white lights and fancy ornaments, and the other to string with colored lights and all our lovely handmade ornaments (I guess our clothespin reindeers aren’t good enough for her anymore…)

    And could I bring my dog to the island?! He’s the one THING I couldn’t leave behind! Except then I’d have to figure out a way to feed him and myself. Hmmm…

  7. I had two blogs before starting DOTR, too!! Weeeird. Third time’s the charm, yes?

    A little sad that Colorado wasn’t your dream habitat, but I can take second place to the wonder of Chicago. 😉 Also, stick with the clear. Be classy.

  8. Happy Birthday to your dog!
    I loved reading your responses to this questionnaire.
    Ah Chicago one of my favorite places 😉 I am excited about moving there next year!
    I am not exactly sure what I would bring on a desert island. I think it is a toss up between my iPod and a book. Oh maybe I could bring an iPad that would have lots of books and music on it (if it didn’t have to be charged and stuff!)

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