If the Running Shoe Fits, Go Up 2 Sizes

I feel like I need a little sign that says, pardon my dust. I fiddled too much with my layout, so don’t be surprised if you see a few changes – sorry!!

Yesterday was a nice change of pace – had some time off/working from home. Can’t work without my helper! Dr Indiana Jones had some very important e-mails to send.

We can't all be photogenic.

FINALLY we took Norak to get new shoes. Baby’s first big girl shoes, lol. She’s taking running seriously and it’s time we treated her tootsies. Big thank you to Big Peach Running Co. Josh was incredibly patient.

They sized her up. This was by far the most enlightening part of the fitting. She’s a dress shoe size 6.5, we share shoes in fact. Running shoe – size 8. I bout fell over when we figured out the fit. Goes to shoe show you, don’t go squeezing your foot into something small – those little piggies need room to run.

They had her run on the treadmill as well to check her stride – she’s actually has fair form for being a newbie. I guess I do know where I get it from.

Team effort.

Last, socks! I personally run in cycling socks (no blisters to report since doing this!). We made sure to get her “anything but cotton.” Wick that sweat away Lycra.

For the shoe – survey says: Saucony ProGrid Ride 3. I find them very snazzy. She’ll break them in this weekend and we’ll report back.

Road Runner

What’s the lesson here folks at home? Get fitted sooner rather than later.

What’s your favorite thing about new shoes?


21 responses to “If the Running Shoe Fits, Go Up 2 Sizes

  1. love the new look! 😀 and love when pup is featured (of course!)

    I love when I can find the shoe I need in an AWESOME COLOR. it doesn’t always happen, but the last time it DID… I have those awesome pink ones, it is a susan komen edition of the shoe I wear, and I’m on my second pair. 😀

    another favorite part – going through the sizing & gait analysis… it’s fun!

  2. I wear the Ride 3 and LOVE them. Just got a new pair last week. I wear a 6 in street shoes and went up to 6.5 in running shoes. I tried 7’s but they felt horrible. Floppy and I was tripping over myself. I can’t imagine going up that much. Wow.

  3. Love your new layout – it’s fresh! I’m so happy to say that I found a great pair of running shoes after some trial and error. It’s amazing how different our feet are and our gait, pronation, etc. My shoes are a full size up and I need the extra space for sure. Today, I’m going out to buy some proper running or cycling socks!

  4. I really like the new look! It’s super easy to read. The only thing is I had a problem with the commenting form (not sure if others had the same issue). For some reason the words don’t match up with the boxes and I can’t actually see where the boxes are (it’s very light).

    Anyway… getting fitted for shoes is really important. I’m glad she found ones that fit! And they’re definitely really snazzy — I love the bright blue!

    And love the photo of you and the pup. Glad you had such a great helper. 😉

  5. I love the layout of your blog!
    I wear a 10 in running shoes, my husband makes fun of me:) I love cycle shocks…I use them too. My favorite thing about new shoes is that I know it is good for my joints and body to get new shoes…and the fact they are still clean and pretty!

    P.S. Those darn holiday commercials;)

  6. Even though I always buy the same shoes, I love the feeling of a new pair. It feels like running on clouds! Ha.

    At this time of year, I am obsessed with my Smartwool socks. They are a cold weather favorite!

  7. Getting new running shoes is exciting! 🙂 I went to the local running shop and got fitted this summer and was actually a 1/2 size smaller. I think it is important to get fitted sooner, because having the right shoes can make all the difference.
    Saucony makes great shoes. My mom and I both wear them and love them!

  8. I’m off to buy new running shoes today, myself. It seems my current ones in addition to having the tread flat against the sole don’t fit with winter socks. Guess right now the thing I like about new shoes is that they fit better than old ones!

  9. Best thing about new shoes is taking them out for their first run. Love new shoes! We have a great store here in NYC, JackRabbit, they have all this cool gear to put you in the best shoes.

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