Holiday Workout Blues

I see everyone is in the holiday spirit. It’s hard to not love this time of year.

While I love the lights, the snow, the hot cocoa, I am not a big fan of dark at 5PM and frigid temps. This time of year along with parties and gatherings can send your routine straight down the chimney.

I’m going to have to let go of a few of my normal habits and go with the flow. If you are missing your motivation, FitSugar shares how the celebs stay in the game: 5 Celeb-Inspired Tips For Loving the Gym (No Matter What!)

From Kelly Osbourne to Beyonce see what get them to stay fit and healthy. Serena Williams has my vote: To get ahead of her competition, tennis champ Serena Williams exercises in the a.m. “Training early in the morning can give you an edge — knowing the other girl is sleeping while you’re out there sweating,” she says. Working out early gives you a burst of adrenaline and a sense of accomplishment, plus it’ll help you stay more alert and energized throughout the day.

Find something YOU love – that’s what most important. Never make what you do feel like a chore.

Christmas Classic:
We didn’t just leave out milk and cookies for Santa, we also made sure to leave out carrots for the reindeer.

What motivates you to keep moving in this cold temps?


17 responses to “Holiday Workout Blues

  1. This weather can be a real bummer! I usually ditch my AM workouts in favor of heading to the gym in the afternoon. It’s busier at that time, so I can socialize instead of holing up in the house and watching TV. It’s also warmer for those outdoor runs…but it’s still not easy!

  2. This year I am training for a Jan 8 half marathon. Figure between the training and the holiday parties that it will all balance each other out. Tomorrow I have a 9 miler on the cold/windy Hudson River Park, but I will be happy I did it after I overserve myself on eggnog.

  3. right now I am still working out in the morning, mostly… it’s my normal time anyway… I am looking forward to our new gym opening (WEE!) and I’ll probably go at different times to coincide with some fun classes they have.

    we like to go on walks in the evenings, though, so Basil and I are NOT happy that it’s dark … honestly? usually by 4. poo!

    and while I LOVE routine and schedule, I also love holidays and parties, so I will be JUST FINE if things get *a little* off track this month. a little. 😉

  4. A fun running group and new challenges with Yoga at a studio that I’ve fallen in love with 🙂 I haven’t stepped into a Gym in over a year, and don’t miss it at all. While it does mean Bundling up and braving the cold, it’s much more worth it to get in some Colorado air/sun 🙂

  5. The half marathon has been my motivation lately. Although it’s not super cold here- well, it’s fluctuating a lot…

    I LOVE morning workouts to get my day started right and at the same time, I have some of my best runs later in the day.

  6. I’m motivated to work out when it’s cold because I get to wear a whole different set of cute running clothes! I love my cozy zip-up jackets, running hats and long-sleeved shirts with thumb holes. Definitely can’t pull that off in the summertime!

  7. I try to workout in the afternoon/evening because it’s warmer, but it’s so hard to stay motivated to do it when it’s so dark out. And once the temps start getting colder, that makes it even more difficult. I find that signing up for races helps me stay motivated — it gives me a reason for getting out there on cold dark nights

  8. This could not have been a more perfect post for me today! I feel like I’ve lost all motivation to work out after work because it is dark outside by the time I leave!
    I like the quote though! Getting up early is WAY better in the winter than it is waiting to work out at night!! I am much more motivated but again, when it starts to snow…the covers are SO cozy!!

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