Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near.

25 days. Or is it 24? Let the Christmas countdown begin. I am going to shift my focus to the holidays – sorry I get seriously geeked out over everything. Big colored lights, Christmas countdown chains, baking, holiday movies, etc. Lookout Hallmark!

Did y’all happen to watch The Grinch, Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting or the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show holiday special last night? I caught the VS special but was celebrating a birthday with friends and missed The Grinch (sad!).

Today’s Christmas Classic:
I am always curious to see how people spend the holidays. With this in mind, each day up until Christmas, I’ll share with you a holiday tradition from my family.

When I was younger each year with had Christmas Countdown Chains. Each day you’d get to take off a link. I have no idea was I was so intrigued by paper as a child but it was a sure fire way to get me excited about the holidays. I am thinking about making one this year…

Another way to countdown December, The Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge – A Roadmap to Making Health and Fitness Fun. Don’t wait until January 1 to feel inspired, get focused now. “You don’t have to wait for life to slow down in order to get a handle on it. You can live your life to the fullest and be truly healthy and fit.” Can I get an Amen? For 30 days, they are challenging you to take what works and doesn’t work for you to inspire new thinking and make a healthy living plan that truly is tailored for YOU.

If you want to take part: For the challenge, you will need a notebook and pen so that you can write down your thoughts each day…reflecting on the topic and writing down your thoughts will help you to be able to flip back through them quickly if you need a refresher at any time.

I actually think this could be a healthy experiment, pardon the pun. After watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I am open to new ways of training, haa.

Fill in the blank – It’s the season to be ___.


20 responses to “Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near.

  1. It’s the season to be Mary. Well, that’s MY name… 😉

    sorry, Nichole, I had to. *name the movie*

    I watched the Grinch and the NYC Tree Lighting… it’s officially here, the holiday season!!


  2. I love it…nothing fits better than the Grinch, tree lighting, and bras and panties.

    Tis the season to stuff your face with cookies. Or is that just me? My mom is a cookie-baking machine, so that’s a huge tradition for us.

  3. Billy and I watched Rudolph AND the Grinch. It was awesome. It’s the season to be balanced! We had a balanced Thanksgiving and I’m planning to carry it over into December.

    I used to make the paper chains with my Kindergartners. They loved it! But what’s better than a chocolate advent calendar? 😉

  4. I missed the Grinch! Dang.

    We used to have an Advent Calendar – Velcro green tree and each day there was a little ornament to stick on it, until Christmas eve. We kiddos hearted it. 🙂

    There is a journal by my bed that I already write in *almost* every day (just a few thoughts or random things I want to remember), this could be fun!

  5. I lied, I did watch the VS special and it was…..awesome! I also caught my favorite Christmas show, Rudolph claymation. That never gets old.

    Tis the season to eat your face off.

  6. I seriously love all things Christmas. I get so excited by every single part of the season. We used to have an Advent calendar that had little chocolates for each day. I’d get so excited to open it each day, but having 3 sisters meant sharing (sadly…haha).

    It’s the season to be joyful…and stuffed full of baked goods 🙂

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