Run, Run Norak!

I will work on getting an actual picture of her running.

In addition to Thanksgiving feast, there was family. Norak has been diligently training for our princess half marathon; she has her printed Runner’s World Smart Coach schedule handy all the time. On Sunday she asked me to join during her long 7 mile run. I was pooped but could not say no. This was her first attempt at 7. It was super windy and cool — she borrowed my fave Nike thumb-hole hoodie. I have got to dress this woman.

Since I typically run with Andrew, I am familiar with being the catcher-upper, aka the follower. I felt tempted to lead when running with Norak but I let her set the pace – this wasn’t my training run. I was floored. She kept between and 8:30 – 9:00 min pace. Right?! We walked around every mile for a minute, but after a short break she was right back settling in her pace. All said, she netted a 10 minute mile. Now we have some things to work on, such as her scuttle trot, but she is going to make one fine princess.

It was kind of fun running with my mom and also trying to set pace with her, felt different. I was pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait to sneak in more training runs with her. I am rethinking finding a running buddy.

Something else I’m sneaking – these little baby pumpkin pies. Even better being chilled. I am out of whipped cream, please send reinforcements.

Baby Nom Noms

Have you ever had a parent do something that you had no idea they were capable of doing?

25 responses to “Run, Run Norak!

  1. Your mom is awesome!! It sounds like her training is going really well, and I think it’s so cool that you’re able to share this with her. I used to run with my mom all the time — she’s actually the one who got me into running. It’s definitely a mother-daughter bonding experience. 🙂

    And I want a mini pumpkin pie!

  2. my dad surprised my mom with all new pots and pans! we had no idea he was able to do this- he is the guy who calls us kids on my moms birthday and says can you pllllleeasssee go get her something lol. when the huge boxed showed up on the step that random summer morning we were all floored! we still tell the story pretty often. i love when our parents surprise us like that.

  3. I want to come run with you and Norak!! 😀

    my mom is amazing… she has dealt with many things with grace and finesse that may have just ended me. I wish I could get her to run with me!!

    I want those pumpkin pies… not only are they CUTE, but they look delicious…

  4. Yay! Congrats to your mom!

    My mom surprised me when she got a gmail account and e-mailed me for the first time. She’s totally tech phobic but now she loves to tell me to google everything. As in:

    ME: “I have that information in my e-mail.”

    MOM: “Oh good! Go google it.”

  5. That is awesome, she is going to make one hell of a half-marathoner. My mom surprised me by trying to get ready for a 5k, love when running rubs off on other people.

  6. That is my dream to go running with my mom. Great run!! I am usually the follower too ha! Those baby pumpkin pies look absolutely amazing! I went and played tennis with my dad a few years ago and he blew me out of the water, I was mad.
    Thanks for the sweet comment earlier, made my morning:)

  7. I am wildly impressed. My mom is super active – she works out several times and week and she has more energy than I’ve ever had…but I don’t think she’d ever try to run more than a mile or so. GO NORAK!!!!!!!

  8. GO NORAK! Wildy impressed, indeed. Soon she’ll be asking for you on Tempo Runs, lead the pack 😉

    I’d love for either one of my parents to come race with me, but they’re both content being on the spectator side.

  9. Norak must have a great coach! Congrats on some sweet training. I did the same this weekend. Ten miles with Mom – her furthest distance ever. We can’t run together all the time because a bit of tension builds, but when she sets a pace that’s comfortable for her, we have a fantastic time together! I’m working on getting her registered for a 1/2 soon.

  10. Thanks for pushing me into this. I am enjoying the challenge. It was great running with my daughter and can’t wait for our 1/2. Looking forward to running 10 in Orlando next weekend.

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