Thanskgiving is here: “I haven’t even finished eating all of my Halloween candy”

Today, if you need me, I shall be mini-Marthaing at home. Lookout Betty Crocker, I’ve got my heart set on baking. We are making my first ever homemade pecan pie and I’m also whipping up some baby pumpkin pies. If they turn out, you’ll get the pics of my victory.

Andrew made brine last night and we are going to dip our Turkey into his bath later today. This is actually pretty cool!

I have put in some good workouts in prep for this week, and I have my eye on a mini Turkey Trot around the area. Andrew agreed to go with me – team Renegade! It’s like church, doesn’t matter where you go as long as you show up. Looking forward to family and relaxing this week.

25 Little Things:

Wish everyone safe travels and hope you all spend a little extra time with friends and family. I have a surprise this evening, yea — tell ya tomorrow:) What are your big Wednesday night plans?

24 responses to “Thanskgiving is here: “I haven’t even finished eating all of my Halloween candy”

  1. Have fun tomorrow! Let us know how the pie turns out! I love pecan pie but my Grandma’s recipe is so rich I get a stomach ache hahaha. Have a good time baking! I wish I wasn’t at work 😦

    • OK – that rules. We are debating going as well. I luhve Harry!

      I seriously think this surprise is going to be supremo lamo. But it’s a secret nonetheless, haa.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I’ve not been a Wednesday night plans person since college (heh..) because we go out Thanksgiving night!! 🙂 there is always a karaoke bar to make a fool of myself in… 😉 Jason Basil and I are going to my mom’s today – we’re going to start cooking and Jason is just along for the ride – and my mom wants us to stay the night. Jury’s still out on that one, but I think we’ll go home because we have an early breakfast date with my dad & his lady friend. so no turkey trot for me 😦 it’s still icy / snowy too… so I’ll do a TREADMILL TROT !!

    🙂 have a great baking day and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! ❤

    • I heard about your snowy adventures, I’m sure it’s beautiful.

      OMG your Wednesday night plans are rocking my world, sounds amazing. Bring mom – the more the merrier!

  3. Love this – I feel the same way about running tomorrow morning. We were thinking of doing the Turkey Trot but the timing didn’t work out…so I’m planning a run around the neighborhood before we head to my sisters. I’m excited for y’all with all of the cooking your are doing today – definitely exciting and festive. I’m making a couple dishes to bring to my sister’s and I think we’ll stay in tonight and hang out watching a movie. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

  4. hey girlie!!
    I loveeee this little post! my parents have always made it a priority for us ‘kids’ to realize that Thanksgiving is WAY more than feasting!
    I hope you have a beautiful holiday!

  5. Good luck with your baking ventures!! I hope everything turns out well!

    Sadly I won’t be seeing my family for Thanksgiving, but tonight I have plans that have nothing to do with the holiday. It’s my and the boyfriend’s (dating) anniversary so we’re going out to celebrate 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Exciting Wednesday plans?! You’re crazy. Please let me live vicariously through you – tell us soon 😉 Also, I take this title to mean your candy-corn hiatus is over and your pantry has been emptied?

    We’re hitting up an early 5K tomorrow and then relaxing/having a low-key celebration just the two of us!

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