Oh the Weather Outside is Weather

Hello weather. It was too nice yesterday in Georgia. Nice enough that I snuck in a two-a-day. Take advantage of any “unseasonably” cool weather this time of year. It’s been a three-ring at work, about to be a goat rodeo with family – I don’t think I have plans to slow down. I am sneaking in all the “me” time I can.


The cold doesn’t seem to far behind and right now I have a few rules to this in-between weather.

“Stay Cool,” in the not-so-cool sense:
Chilly Willy. I like to be slightly chilly when I start my run. If I am comfortable typically means I’ll be sweating in a half-mile.
Turtle time. Find a lightweight, verstile shell to be your base layer. Nike Essentials Women’s Base Layer Running Shirt is a fave, but I have a lighter version as well.
Like lyrca. Pants, top, etc., this is great for all types of weather.
Thumbs up. Give the thumb holes in your jacket/shirt a chance. I always thought they were to help navigate your iPod or something, turns out thumb-holes keep your sleeves down and your wrists warm. I end up using it to wipe my nose, haa.

Would you rather have cold hands or cold feet?

21 responses to “Oh the Weather Outside is Weather

  1. I am terrible about over-dressing unless it’s dead of summer. I so desperately want some tops with the thumb holes but haven’t seen any when out looking. I am in need of some long-sleeved layers – even short-sleeved to be honest. I don’t want any part of me to be cold 😉

  2. a goat rodeo. LOVE it. 😉 actually might borrow it! I have one of those families that gets LOOKED at in restaurants because we are laughing and having fun *gasp!

    I love running in cold… and I use my thumbholes to wipe my nose also!! icky!

  3. Haha! “I’m Chilly Willy the Penguin, I shake until I’m blue.” Thanks, I am now going to have this song in my head during my next run.

  4. Good clothing advice! I’m not sure what I’ll wear during the half in a few weeks because we have no idea what the weather will be like. I’m hoping for 45-55. When my ears are cold, I’m miserable so a headband or hat is crucial for me if it’s super cold.

  5. Seven miles today – just because it was beautiful – and the family chaos begins tomorrow. Gotta love it!

    I wore shorts and a t-shirt today because it was soo nice, but normally, I like anything with thumb holes!

  6. Hands!! Especially when I’m running. I can’t run well if my feet feel cold and numb.

    Shirts with thumb-holes are my favorite thing in the entire world. (and I may have used them a few times to wipe my nose to, hahaha)

    I agree that it’s better to be cold at the beginning of the run. You always warm up!

  7. its been nice here too! Cold weather come thursday night and I already bought gloves. But I would rather have cold hands, you don’t need those to run really. hehe!

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