Turkey Day Countdown

Can you all smell the campfire and marshmallows on me still? I am recovering from a weekend with friends. Time to focus, this week is going to be busy!

A little “bird” told me, Thanksgiving is almost here! I can share with you, for the first time ever my husband I are cooking Thanksgiving. We somehow convinced my family to let us cook, brroohoohaa. But seriously, we love to cook. The engineer in my husband is meticulous – he has a PPT presentation on the best way to cook a bird. Food Network’s Alton Brown has a recipe even the Iron Chefs use, and we decided we are going to give it a go. We’ll split up some of the side dishes with family, but I will definitely be baking and doing some myself. I have a pumpkin and pecan pie in my future. Mmmhmm. We luhve to cook and this is such a treat.

There are a few surprises going on this week and now that we agreed to cook, it is with sad news I have to announce we can’t do the Turkey Trot. I feel like a turkey because it was my idea, but the race ends too late for us to get the bird in the oven on time. Bummed. Trust me, really not too happy. It’s one of those things, I can’t sacrifice our first-ever attempt at Tday dinner because selfishly wanting to stick to my run. I do plan to run team Renegade and do our own mini Tater Trot or something.

Our Thanksgiving recipe will include a morning run followed by two dinners. Phew!

25 Little Things:

How is everyone getting ready for the holidays this week? You going to see family or having family come to you?

22 responses to “Turkey Day Countdown

  1. Good luck with the big dinner. Sorry you won’t be running, but I firmly believe turkey should come before trotting.

    I’m heading to MA to celebrate with family. I’m not sure what I’m more excited for: Thanksgiving or going to see Harry Potter with my sister the next day.

  2. ah, I love Peanuts!! ❤

    we only JUST decided we are staying home for Thanksgiving… so I looked up my normal Turkey Trot yesterday, and I think it is too late in the morning also. We already have plans for early breakfast, so I may just get up early and run… 😀 I'll wear one of my old turkey trot tees.

    If (engineer) Jason was to cook a turkey, I bet he'd have a PPT slide also. 😀

  3. I wish our family would let us cook for a change. I am soooo sick of crappy casseroles staring me in the face. And they expect us to take the leftovers home. 😦 We’ll be spending the day in our hometown hitting up 2 houses. I’ll only be able to eat at one though. It’s always a long day for us.

  4. Off to Florida for some warm weather, turkey trot and food domination. Looking forward to seeing my nieces and relaxing for a long weekend. Good luck with cooking, I am sure the bird will turn out perfect.

  5. Ambitious lady! Good for you!! We’re going to our family friend’s for thanksgiving, and then Friday I’m going over to Ari’s family’s home for the weekend. I love the holidays. Sigh.

  6. Oh fun! Hosting Thanksgiving sounds awesome! We might get to host Christmas this year which I would love to do! We did it once before and it was such fun designing the menu and wowing everyone with our cooking prowess 🙂

  7. Sorry you can’t do the Turkey Trot, but at least you can get a morning run in before the big day!
    We are just having a small Thanksgiving with my immediate family, but I am happy we can all be together. We are doing a local Turkey Trot in the morning and have other activities planned for the week; I’m excited!

    Good luck with your hosting duties! I think cooking a big meal can be lots of fun! 🙂

  8. we are cooking as well. My husband requests a lamb roast too, since he’s from new zealand. I think we’ll be needed to do a double run along with this double dose of meats, haha!

    s’mores smell good on you! hehe!

  9. We’ll be in Dallas at my sister’s house with her hubs and kiddos, etc, etc. Will be a lot of fun! They make all the traditional Thanksgiving dished and I’m contributing a couple vegan options to mix it up. A roasted veggie/quinoa dish and a lentil + green bean dish. I’m excited!

  10. I bet prepping for your first Thanksgiving dinner will feel quite like a race! You’ll be the hostess with the most-est!

    I am running and unofficial Turkey Trot with the people from my gym. A big group of us will be out there early, trotting through the city. Then, I need to get my Betty Crocker on! I’m in charge of the desserts 🙂

  11. Could I PLEASE come over for your Thanksgiving dinner?? Pretty please.

    We cooked our first one a few years ago. I just wish we got to be in charge every year. Unfortunately, we’re in the middle of moving and our teeny apartment is full of boxes.

  12. Nooo… I was so looking forward to seeing you at the turkey trot!! You have a great excuse though.. Cooking for the fam is a big task!! Have a happy thanksgiving!!

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