The Tale of Two Tigers

Looks like y’all were on a roll yesterday the comments around the body fat/scale weigh-in debate were fantastic. Impressive point of views. A few I wanted to share:

Britany, A Healthy Slice of Life, is a ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Fitness Instructor, and certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant: I test body fat for a living, so let me say that FIRST of all, the electronic body fat testers are bull$hit. If you test in the morning and at night, you can get a reading that differs by 4-5%… which is impossible for your body fat to change that quickly. Secondly, men are supposed to have lower body fat percentages. They don’t have to carry children and they don’t have boobs. An ideal body fat range for a woman would be an overweight or obese zone for a man.

Scott, iRunnerBlog: No way I am checking my body fat. I will not agree with RW on that one. Eat healthy. Exercise. Feel healthy. Pretty simple in my opinion. Why care what a scale or body fat count says. Feeling good in your own skin is the most important thing, not some numbers. End of rant.

All this, and Angela at Diet Book Junkie shares: Research shows: women don’t want to look like 12 year old boys


Speaking of opinions, have you all had a chance to check out Tiger’s essay/memoir/diary/open letter? “How I’ve Redefined Victory” is Tiger’s message to what I assume is we, the people, since we are nearing the year anniversary of the night that unraveled his personal and professional life.

Regardless of being a fan or hater of Tiger, it takes some big golf balls to come out with this statement. It must be cathartic for Tiger. Whether you feel these were his words or not, we may not have seen the success like Tiger has, but we all have hit our rock bottom. To have the absolute success that Tiger had(s) at one of the hardest sports, it somewhat unfathomable. When you’ve been innately “good” at things your whole life, it’s hard not to take advantage of the things that come easy.

At first, I didn’t want to look inward. Frankly, I was scared of what I would find—what I had become. But I’m grateful that I did examine my life because it has made me more grounded than I’ve ever been; I hope that with reflection will come wisdom. Golf is a self-centered game, in ways good and bad. So much depends on one’s own abilities. But for me, that self-reliance made me think I could tackle the world by myself. It made me think that if I was successful in golf, then I was invincible. Now I know that, no matter how tough or strong we are, we all need to rely on others.

Read more from Newsweek.

Fan of public apologies?


14 responses to “The Tale of Two Tigers

  1. I think public apologies are necessary when you’re in the spotlight, and I think it’s great that Tiger at least says he’s sorry. Still, I can’t help but dislike him. I think that scandal pretty much ruined him for me–regardless of whether he goes back to being a golf god or not.

  2. I still have mixed feelings about the Tiger situation, probably more because of the feminist coming out in me. I do think that it was necessary for Tiger to give some sort of statement of apology, but ultimately we aren’t the ones he hurt. Golf is just a sport and he will one day be replaced, but his wife and daughter and all the women involved are real people.

  3. No real opinion on the Tiger thing – think he’s a skeeze with some issues, clearly. But, who am I to say he does or doesn’t deserve a second chance? Just swing the club, mah friend.

    On another note, LOVE Scott’s response to the body fat thing. 🙂 Amen to that!

  4. I’m not touching the Tiger thing, pretty much have mixed opinions on it.

    Thanks for the shout-out again, gave that post a mention in my blog yesterday also. Great stuff!

  5. I think everyone is entitled to one, heartfelt apology. The problem is that too many people just keep on going, which is SO uncomfortable!

  6. Tiger does have some “big golf balls”. A good friend of mine was recently “the other women” and the whole situation is just so sad. I don’t think a relationship can survive cheating…

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