Control is 50% of a Relationship, Influence is 100%

It’s on like:

Donkey Kong!

Meghan and I tagged team the gym this morning, day 1 success! Pleasant change:)

Something I’ve been noodling on, and this couldn’t be a worse time of year, is the scale. Don’t freak out! I am an avid believer in knowing the weight you are comfortable at but also knowing that muscle weighs more that fat, etc. Did you know there is such a thing as skinny fat? Oh there’s more – chances are that if you are losing weight, you will lose muscle as well as fat?

This weekend, I grabbed a body fat percentage tool at the gym. Andrew went first, then me. Mistake 1, just kidding. Andrew rang in at 8%, um totally not fair. I won’t divulge what I registered, only because of the whole comparison issue. Andrew challenge me to try to drop body fat percentage and not worry about weight.

Runner’s World recommends having your body fat percentage checked – sometimes it’s not a matter of losing weight, but toning.

I am considering, as vision of sugar plumbs dance in my head. His freakishly low percentage is due to his insane dedication to healthy living – it comes SO easy for him. But don’t get me wrong, he eats the good and the bad. For me, it’s a definite challenge and I am curious to know if I can hunker down.

Feel free to weigh-in. Do you measure in belt-holes, compliments, heart health, etc?

32 responses to “Control is 50% of a Relationship, Influence is 100%

  1. I always see how my clothes fit, and I have a tape measure if I choose to use it. I prefer that over the scale. Somedays I’ll feel really good about how I look and then I step on that thing, and if it’s any different, I get upset. For no good reason. Lame…

  2. Oh yes, definitely believe there is a thing as skinny fat! My hubby bought a scale and I cried to be honest. I don’t want to think of being fit and healthy in terms of a number on a scale. But the one thing it did show me was the muscle percentage. So it’s about how you look at the numbers, or which numbers you focus on.

    I try to judge based on how things fit and how I feel in general. Of course we all have those delusional days when things seem lumpy for some strange reason – but it’s often water retention, that time of the month, salt…

  3. First of all, I’d be careful about throwing that term around — did you know that Nintendo is trying to trademark it??! (Ridiculous, right?)

    Secondly, I think I got my body fat measured once in high school. I tend to go more by how clothes fit, but I would like to have it measured again. I think it’s a much better indication of health than the scale (or BMI). There’s definitely such a thing as skinny fat, just like there are people who have a higher BMI but are mostly muscle (and really fit).

  4. I hate the scale, too. I think I’m more of a “way my jeans fit” kind of girl, because I’ve weighed the same on many occasions but my pants will be loose once and tight the next. I also know when I’m making smart, healthy choices and when I’m not. But yeah, men get results far more quickly!

  5. I haven’t had my body fat calculated in a long time. I’m definitely not looking to trop any pounds but it probably wouldnt kill me to know. Is there a normal “healthy” range women should be in?

  6. I haven’t done a body fat test in years. But as I’m gaining weight and working out more, I feel strong so that’s good. 😉

    I know that the number on the scale can really be a bad indicator of our actual physical makeup.

  7. I have not weighed myself in years. I hate going to the doctor for that very reason. That number sticks in my brain like a hot iron. And I KNOW that I’m strong and fit and that I’m muscular whicih leads to a higher number on the scale, yet we all fall victim to it now and then, right? Which is why I do not own a scale and do not care to know my weight. For me, it’s about being toned, fit and still being able to enjoy a glass of wine, too. So yes, I do workout a lot but within reason and also fuel my body for those workouts – and I’m happy with that lifestyle. For others, they’d rather cut back on food options versus upping their workout intensity but that’s just not me. You have to find what works for you, right?

  8. When I first signed up with a trainer at my old gym, he tested my body fat. I got so upset because it was (what I considered to be) pretty high. I was bigger at the time, so the number made sense, but he also told me that women have higher body fat percentages because we have boobs!

  9. I test body fat for a living, so let me say that FIRST of all, the electronic body fat testers are bull$hit. If you test in the morning and at night, you can get a reading that differs by 4-5%… which is impossible for your body fat to change that quickly.
    Secondly, men are supposed to have lower body fat percentages. They don’t have to carry children and they don’t have boobs. An ideal body fat range for a woman would be an overweight or obese zone for a man. So comparing against a guy is pointless.

    I’ll now step off my soapbox, I just want to make sure you weren’t giving your incredibly fit and bad@$$ body a hard time 🙂

  10. I go by how my clothes fit. I never even used a scale outside the doctor’s office until I started working at a job where there’s a scale in the bathroom. Now more than ever I’m tempted to freak out at the slightest nudge in the wrong direction. I have to remind myself that salt is probably to blame behind my 3-pound weight gain overnight.

    And with the amount of exercise I don’t do now with my burning feet, I’d definitely consider myself skinny fat. I’m glad I’m not gaining weight, but I wouldn’t mind adding some muscle, even if it added pounds.

  11. I had my body-fat percentage checked over the summer and was disappointed. However I feel like it is a much better measure than the scale, because when I was at my lightest years ago I was not working out at all, so I’m sure I had no muscle.
    Especially after Brittany’s comment above, I don’t really trust those handheld machines though.

  12. No way I am checking my body fat. I will not agree with RW on that one. Eat healthy. Exercise. Feel healthy. Pretty simple in my opinion. Why care what a scale or body fat count says. Feeling good in your own skin is the most important thing, not some numbers. End of rant.

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  14. When I was losing weight, I always hopped on the scale. It didn’t really make me feel happy or sad. It’s just what I did.

    Truth be told, I started gaining weight during marathon training. As I saw the number creep, I ditched the scale. I haven’t been on it since July-ish. The race was too important to let weight play a role.

    I really don’t even know where I stand on the whole issue. I know that I feel good about myself, but I also know that if I knew my ACTUAL weight it might bother me, so I’m just sticking with this routine for now.

  15. I use the scale, but my most important judge is the mirror.

    I’ve been the same weight for the last two months, but I keep on losing inches, which is just as important. Honestly, I need to go out and get a tape measure that way I have a more constructive way of tracking progress.

    My mentality is that as long as the mirror OR the scale is cooperating (no need for them to coincide), then you’re doing something right.

  16. oh geez, even though i exercise most days, i’m still probably one of those skinny-fat people. (must do more strength training and eat more protein!!)

    i don’t know how i measure. truthfully, i don’t have a problem with the scale, probably because, i don’t feel there’s a certain number i *have to* attain to. i guess when my pants feel tight is when i know to slow down on the kit-kats. :0

  17. I haven’t had my body fat calculated since college – and honestly can’t remember what it was! One of our classes required it, and I didn’t think much of it (clearly…). I’d definitely be interested to know now, but know too much about the systems and most of them are a little faulty..

    Go get those muscles! I’ll weigh in every once in a while, out of curiosity, but it’s pretty rare. Instead, I pull on a pair of jeans ( I hate wearing jeans ) and if they still fit, all systems are Good 😉

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  19. I think it might be good for some to measure BF and/or weight, if they have health conditions, but otherwise, I HATE #’s! They become a fixation and that can’t be good. Then we miss out on how we really feel! Been there, won’t be going back. 🙂

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