Making Sure My Workout Isn’t “Work”

Gym Rat!

My decision to leave my current gym and head on over to the LA Fitness conglomerate was a a long time coming. I actually use to be a member at LA, but when we moved to Michigan we joined a local gym in our neighborhood. I am a member at my current “Tech” gym because it’s CHEAP, and it’s a serious gym. Big pool(s), where the Olympic swimming events were held in ’96, and it has every equipment you can imagine – plus an indoor track. Crap, why am I switching?

Ah, yes, I am making the change to LA Fitness for a few reasons:
– Variety of FREE workout classes at multiple times all day, plus they start early
– More locations, current gym is downtown and I can’t make it on the weekends
– The hubs is joining and we get a power couple discount (ha!)
– Trying to see if I can get Norak to give it a go

Variety is the spice of life and it I’ll have an opportunity to workout with more friends. It’s a simple change but it could be fun.

Does anybody have a home workout gym or prefer not to have a gym membership at all?


29 responses to “Making Sure My Workout Isn’t “Work”

  1. I actually do both. I have a home gym with a treadmill, weight machine, free weights and a barbell that I use for my favorite at-home weight workouts from Cathe Friedrich (she rocks btw if you’ve never tried her stuff), and for some cardio work too but for the most part, I go to my gym for the group classes (kick, ride, power) and that’s really it. I like having the option to expand my horizons, especially in the cold winter months when running outside is soooo hard to do.

  2. I think joining a new gym is exciting! 🙂
    I do a mixture of home and gym workouts.
    I like the amount of equipment available at the gym. I think the free fitness classes at the gym are a big plus! At my old university gym there was a great body tone class, which really got me into strength training.
    My home workouts are usually workout dvds or my own strength workout. I like having a few different things to choose from!

  3. You guys should probably get POWER COUPLE costumes – the duo cannot be stopped!

    Free classes & Norak, too? That decision must’ve come easy. 😉

  4. POWER COUPLE ! if not costumes at LEAST a cape. you can still lift in a cape…

    I’m excited about joining a gym again (aside from my tennis membership, I have not been to a gym in a few years). I have a lot that I can do at home, but I am looking forward to REAL weights again. Even with a membership I still do at least 50% non gym – running outside, track / trail, and my beloved David Kirsch dvds.

    This is my holiday gift to myself, and I’m excited! 😀

    • As I told Heather – Captain Awesome and Lt Rad, 2 Halloweens ago- true story. Sad.

      Capes, don’t work! Haven’t you seen The Incredibles? lol

      That’s an awesome gift idea!

  5. I’d love to have a gym for the option of swimming and classes, but it’s just not in the budget.

    Trust me, if it were, I’d be ON IT like white on rice. There are some real characters at my workout room in the apartment complex… ick.

  6. We have a gym at the new apartment and it’s pretty decent! I think there will come a day when I’ll join a gym again for the pool, classes, etc. Glad you found a good fit with a bunch of locations – that’s key!

  7. In NYC memberships are a lot and you get very little space at most of them. I got lucky, I joined a gym (Golds now Crunch) when they were still building their space so I pay like $40 a month. I only use it when I want to spin or run on the dreadmill, but that is so infrequent since my building has a gym as well. I also go see a PT now at his private gym. So many options in NYC!

  8. I like to keep my options wide open so that I remain active and don’t use any excuses. So, I have a gym membership for classes, my apartment complex gym, and I run outside. I like to switch things up regularly.

  9. I would never give up my gym membership purely for social reasons. My gym is small, but I can walk in and say “my hips are really tight” and someone is right there to stretch it out with me. Besides, it’s less than a mile away. Love it!

  10. I just joined a big gym from a cheap small gym, and havent regretted the extra money a single day. i LOVE going to classes they are so much fun. I used to elliptical all the time, but since joining i have maybe done it five times and like going to the gym AND am in such better shape!

  11. I used to be a slave to the gym but lately I’ve found my work outs to be much more effective if I stick to the home workouts! I love how videos are so different and challenge my muscle groups in different ways! Now, I only find myself heading to the gym if I want to read a magazine on the elliptical. haha

  12. My building has a small gym in it and I purchased the group fitness membership at my schools gym. But I really miss the local gym I went to in Philly. Good classes, seeing my friends. I would definitely switch gyms for social reasons.

  13. I’m a running-yoga type so, between the treadmill, ExerciseTV On Demand, and the good old outdoors, I passed on the gym. My fiance and I had talked about joining one, but once we realized what our actual fitness needs were, it was easier not to.

    Plus the fact that I no longer have to worry about the snow (even though it’s only a quarter of a mile away) is really quite nice for a Minnesotan.

  14. I don’t have a gym membership, but I am contemplating one. Right now, I’m going to start going to yoga/Pilates classes a few times a week to get out of the house, meet some people and get some variety. But I’m thinking of joining a gym just because it would provide even MORE variety…

  15. I’m lucky to have a fantastic rec center at my school, but I actually usually go to my apartment’s little gym. It’s so convenient and not too crowded, although it’s way less impressive than the rec.

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