You can’t wHinE all the time

I am not sure how to follow up with a profile like Heather’s from yesterday. I am still recovering from a throwdown birthday party for Andrew’s 80-year-old grandmother. Seriously, we showed that Hilton in Albany, GA a good time.

Say hey-hey to Ray Ray!

I have a few things, because honestly I am having one of those weeks. Definitely good but insanely busy. I keep wondering when Meghan will go pro and let me do HER PR…. In the meantime:

– We were greeted in Albany, GA by a Ray Charles piano statue that we overlooked from our hotel, and he played music…all night. Blerg.
– In the 80th birthday spirit theme, we successfully hid 80 silver dollar coins around Andrew’s grandma’s house, she’s only found 44. I don’t know when we should start feeling bad. Somewhere, in middle Georgia, a little old lady is scouring her house for change.
– I joined a “big girl” gym. No more college boys gym. LA Fitness finally hooked me, although I was a former member, I’ll explain the switcharoo later. Good news is, Meghan has to teach me how to swim! Brroohaa.
– Norak nailed her mileage this weekend. She completed five out of six miles and she’s going from zero to hero in a big way.
– My dad has to quit baking me cupcakes. Seriously.

Let’s hear it, what’s going on random in your world?


23 responses to “You can’t wHinE all the time

  1. That’s so great on your mom’s mileage. Love it! Sounds like the gym switch is going to be a good thing. I wish I could get excited about the gym. I am going to have to learn to enjoy spin class more and the dang dreadmill as the weather goes downhill though. 😦

  2. “she’s only found 44.” Maybe that’s how old she Feels, and figures the other 46 dollar coins can set around until she needs them 😉

    Swim lessons during the winter eh? I reckon somebody has a Spring triathlon coming up!

    And my Canadian-western side is poking through. Dang.

  3. 80 year old granny, nice. I am celebrating my grandma’s 100th this weekend. Not sure I will torture her with 100 hidden coins in her house. That is just mean!

  4. I’m totally picturing a cutie granny looking around… 😉

    awesome about the gym change… I am contemplating this right now too… a “big boy” gym (read – weights, wee!!) is currently courting me. I’ve got them down to a REALLY decent monthly rate, so I may just do it! (it’s been a couple years since I had a membership, and I miss the weights). I still cannot give up my racquet club membership, although I have it frozen, I’m still (stupidly?) paying… I cannot give that up just yet…

    in other news, I believe I have convinced Jason to take part of the day off tomorrow, to go SHOPPING !! I still cannot believe that one.

    We have also made the decision to stop bottling our beer and make the jump to kegs. …I may still have to bottle one or two to send your way… 😀

  5. 80 silver dollars! HAHA That’s hilarious!

    Reminds me of when I was little and my mom was playing tennis… she would throw 3 quarters into a big grass field and tell my brother and I to go find them and we could keep them. The kicker? She told us she threw FOUR quarters, so we’d always get stuck searching for the 4th quarter that didn’t exist…

    how’s that for random?

  6. You crack me up! Lol, I love that you joined a “big girl” gym…sometimes the googling men get a little out of control!

    Hmmm my random…..I am contemplating putting my tree up early this year even though it is totally unheard of for me to do this!


  7. You want random? Get this: I was at work today and the classroom I was working in had fruit flies galore. I mean, these things were no joke. It was gross. I made a comment about the flies and a kid said, “Oh that’s just Alex’s bug collection.” Wha-what?!?! Apparently, Alex stored a piece of old fruit in his desk to collect bugs. We cleaned up that mess rather quickly.

    Lesson: Fruit is for the students, not the flies. No food in the desks!

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