Cheaters never prosper, unless they get away with it.

I am in need of the weekend like nobody’s business. What better way to kick-off the weekend than with some new jams?!

Considering I’ve been listening to Christmas music at work (don’t judge) and don’t run consistenly with music anymore, my playloist needs some fine “tuning.”

Song’s HERRRE (to the tune of Pauly yelling for a cab)
– Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man
– Far East Movement G6
– Rihanna ft. Drake What’s My Name
– Pink Raise Your Glass!
– Dierks Bentley Up On The Ridge

iTune it up.

Dare I tell you that Norak is still running with a Walk-Man-esc device. It must add 5 pounds, lol. She has a her first “big girl” run, six miles! And after some serious tutorials, she loves the Garmin Forerunner. We’ll report on that next week and I’ll also introduce you all to a running rock star.

I feel like I am out of the loop- what songs am I missing?

15 responses to “Cheaters never prosper, unless they get away with it.

  1. Haha–I think you have her Christmas present figured out. My mom still has a cassette player in her car. When I told her to buy a system to replace it she said no. She has no other way of listening to all of these taped lectures. *eye roll*

  2. HA! Oh, Norak. I’m guessing “iPod” isn’t high on her list of running-Needs for the time being – maybe a shuffle for Xmas?

    I Heart Dierks Bentley. That’s all.

  3. there you go my friend:
    * Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow
    * Nicki Minaj – Right Thru Me …..I believe she and Weezy will take over the world.
    * Usher – Hot Tottie
    * David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi – Memories
    * Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World)
    * Lil Wayne feat. Drake – Right Above It
    * YG – Toot It and Boot It
    * Ke$ha – We R Who We R —-must she write like she texts??
    * Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name
    * Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012
    * Nicki Minaj feat. Will.I.Am – Check It Out
    * Far East Movement – Like a G6

  4. I am totally out of the loop, all I listen to is my old school music already on my iPhone. I am so disconnected. Congrats with the first big long run! I kick it up a notch this weekend also.

  5. between you and Christina’s lists (I KNEW Christina would come through!!) you’ve got it. I am ashamed to say my music knowledge is NOT what it used to be…

    Go Norak!! 6 miles! Norak is a rockstar !!

    Happy Weekend !

  6. hey girlie!
    no shame in blasting the xmas music! it only comes around for ~6weeks every year, get a jump start! 🙂
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

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