Overachieve Overachieving

Thank you all for listening to my running rant yesterday, your comments are amazing and many of YOU have inspired me to keep at it.

Number 9 on Outside Magazine’s 2010 Life List: Overachieve got me going.

Overchieving may sound arrogant to some, but to former Navy Seal 36-year-old Eric Grietens, it’s all in a day’s work. This guy is the definition of “bad ass.” His resume includes: “earning a Rhodes scholarship and a Ph.D., running 12 marathons and three ultramarathons.” Ridic.

And he’s giving away his secret to success:
1 – Vigorous exercise: When I have a great workout, I rarely have a bad day.
2 – Good fuel: When I eat clean, quality food during the day, my energy never sags.
3 – Good partners: Working with a team of positive people keeps your spirits up.
4 – Balance: I pray every day, and I also laugh, a lot.
5 – A goal: A worthy challenge will take care of your motivation for you.
**Read more from Outside Magazine.

LOVE it. If that doesn’t make you want to go attack a good workout I don’t know what will. Oh wait, yes I do…more motivation!

Our VERY own rock star Meghan is heading off to the Ironman 70.3 WORLD Championship in Clearwater, FL this weekend. I cannot wish her enough luck. She is a true competitor with a beautiful spirit. I have never met an athlete quite like this one. It gets better, she’s running the race with her sister. Can we say good gene pool? I’m not exaggerating here kids, she’s in print. Check out Iroman’s out feature on the super sisters: Ironmanlife: Clearwater Bound Sisters.

What’s getting you going this week?!


22 responses to “Overachieve Overachieving

  1. Good luck to Meghan!! I wish I had some great, inspirational story but I’m in a serious rut. No more running, lacking inspiration in the food department and facing serious deadlines for school and work. So right now coffee is keeping me going.

  2. My mom is coming into town tomorrow for a long weekend stay, so that is keeping me going…I want to get as much work as possible out of the way so I have more time to spend with her!

  3. I totally agree with Amy. Is he single?

    I love his you can’t have a bad day if you have a great workout attitude.

    This week I am reminding myself how awesome I feel when I get my sweat on. This morning it actually got me out of bed and to the pool!

  4. I like his formula for success. This week I started my Disney Half training and feeling very good about it so far. A bit sore since I went at it hard on Mon/Tue but looking forward to a long run this weekend.

  5. Holy Geeze, where do these people come from?? Lots of good vibes to the IronSisters – keep us posted on their success 😉

  6. what a great list! this guy is completely an inspirational rock star (like YOU!!) it’s pretty true – unless someone kicks Basil, my day is a pretty good one when I get an awesome workout in!! same with clean eating – I feel SO great.

  7. Wow, talk about an overachiever. Though it’d be nice if he shared. I’d take the Rhodes Scholarship smarts and you can have the body that runs 12 marathons. I’m sure he’ll still manage to scale Everest one-handed without those talents. 🙂

  8. oh my gosh, I NEED something to get me going! Ever since I got back from San Francisco, my eating, workout, sleeping, everything is so out of whack! I probably just need to get in one good, hard workout for a fresh start.

  9. Go Meghan! I can’t wait to hear about the race 🙂 Please update!

    I am finally feeling good again after a couple weeks of post-race blues. I’m enjoying workouts with great people and challenging myself in new ways.

    Plus, I got a new haircut. Clearly, I have a hair thing.

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