Humbled by Running

Baby's First Race

This past week something spectacular happened, I celebrated my one year half-marathon anniversary. This time last year I completed my first “big girl” race. That could totally sound boring to some of y’all, but I can’t tell you awesome it feels to see how far I have come in a year. Being an athlete doesn’t owe me anything, I owe running.

Finding my inner mini Ironman

Running has shown me patience. Nothing comes easy, practice and hard work. I also have a healthy ego. It’s OK to be proud of your feats and push yourself to be a competitor. Most importantly I have learned to love and accept all the quirky characteristics of my athletic build. Your body is yours and it has allowed me to find an entire new outlet.

The feelings you get on race day can not be replaced by any other high.
I never in a million would have thought I would feel this strong and willed. I still want to pinch myself for the success I had in my first triathlon. Seems surreal. I’ve also managed to drop a full 20 minutes off my best time. Train hard, train right, you get results. I am living proof.

I am thankful I found running, it helped me find me.

What non-couples anniversaries do you celebrate?


29 responses to “Humbled by Running

  1. DId you ever think about doing a full marathon? I hope that on November 21, 2011 I will look back on where I am today, and have the same thoughts as you. I also hope that I will have at least two races under my belt and no more injuries to boot.

  2. “I am thankful I found running, it helped me find me.” – couldn’t say it better myself! As you know, from the short novel I recently sent you, I feel exactly the same way. This made me realize I don’t really “celebrate” any running milestones, but dernit I should! It brought a Lot of important/wonderful people into my life, and has taught me more about being healthy and loving this crazy capable body of mine than my formal education ever did.

    20 minutes off a PR is like a whole new runner! Bask in the glory 🙂

  3. Congrats on an awesome year of running. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    I am thankful I found running, it helped me find me.

  4. This might be my favorite of all your posts ever! And that’s saying A LOT! 🙂 Running has helped me in so many ways. I truly feel privileged when I am able to get outdoors and run.

  5. I love this! You bring up some great points – through training, hard work, commitment, and patience, anyone can get there, I’m a firm believer in that. I completed my first half this year and this is someone who never considered herself a runner before. Funny how a little training changes perspective, huh?? Congrats on that PR btw! Unreal!

  6. Yea! I celebrate my running anniversary by doing the Run for the Cheetah every year. It was my first 5k 2 years ago, and I ran it this year with my friend during her first 5k!

    So cheesy… but I can’t imagine not running anymore!

  7. I love the Healthy Ego the most (hmm, does that surprise you, at all?)

    it is okay!! they were talking about Meredith Viera completing the NYC marathon this past weekend, and one of the first things she said was “I’m proud”… from someone who is usually not focused on herself… it was a great statement 😀

    Happy Run-iversary!! ❤

  8. Such inspiration for reasons to become a runner. I love that it taught you patience. I really believe that exercise brings SO many wonderful benefits. IT helps calm my mind and like you said…teaches me patience!

  9. Happy Race-iversary! You are racing rockstar!

    I celebrate every occasion in my dog’s life – birthday, the day I brought her home. I also celebrated my first race…by running it again. I’m sure I’ll go back to it every year for old time’s sake!

    Now I need to work on the whole speed thing!

  10. Yay! Congratulations! What an awesome thing to celebrate! It’s amazing how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished in just a year. What’s even more amazing is your attitude about running and all the things it has taught you. I love this post — it’s truly inspirational!! (and it gets me all fired up about running, haha)

  11. My race anniversary will be in March. I ran my first 5k, the Dash Down Greenville last year. I can’t wait to run it again!

    Congrats on all of your running accomplishments. 🙂

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