The kneebone’s connected to the… something.

Hi everybody!

Ouchie, owow, aggh. Every walker, runner or athlete can relate to those random twinges of pain we get courtesy of genetics. Fitness magazine spotlights some of the most common kinks and ways to work them out.

Pain-Free Guide: The Fit Girl’s Guide to Common Exercise Pains
They have tips for runners, cyclists, swimmers and more.

My most common complaint would be my knees or ITB band. Shocking for a runner, ha! Exercises, yoga and pilates help me strengthen these important parts. Proper training, recovery and rest has also made a huge impact on the frequency of my ouchies, and I (knock on wood) feel awesome during most of my workouts. I will say, a little pain sometimes is good and forces you to push through.

25 Little Things:

Do you have any fancy ways to work out an owie?


22 responses to “The kneebone’s connected to the… something.

  1. I have the hammy issue. I actually think it’s the piriformis (sp) and sciatica now though. I try to always do hammy exercises to strengthen that area, not sure how it’s helping though. I stretch, stretch, stretch and sit on a bag of ice after runs. That’s fun…not. I would love to try a foam roller. I do use a tennis ball though. Epsom salt baths are heavenly too!

    I feel very lucky to not have had IT issues. It seems to plague most runners I know.

  2. My knees were bothering me (as usual) after the longer ride on Tuesday! This is the norm for bike rides (which is probably Not normal), and usually has me squatting like a 90 yr old to sit down, and wincing if I try something like squats or lunges.

    So, maybe I should look into this “remedy” stuff…. 😉

  3. The problem spot during high mileage training are my calves and Achilles, painful massage does the trick there. When I am fatigued I get IT band issues, usually stretching, backing off miles and getting on my foam roller hooks me up there.

  4. To help with any pain I have I make sure to have a long stretch session after a workout. I also like to do cross-training during the week as to not over train running muscles.
    Thanks for directing us to the link – I will certainly check it out to see if there are any new strength or stretching moves I can do!

  5. Dr Nick Riviera !! *love*

    I use my foam roller a lot, and I have a ‘tiger tail’ as well. Epsom salt baths REALLY work for me, and I get therapeutic massage a lot also (anyone ever in the Portland area – have I got a FABULOUS bodyworker for you!!) 🙂

    I am still not always the best at stretches, but I know it is so important and I am trying.

  6. I have a stretch routine I go through after a run and then I try to stretch throughout the day to keep my ankles, knees and hips happy. I’ve convinced Billy to stretch with me and for some reason, it’s hilarious to me. Maybe I’ll do a video. 🙂

  7. I’ve become a big ice fan…or not so much “fan” as user of ice. I think it helps me out a lot. Other than that Pilates helps me to actually stretch since I never can motivate to actually do it on my own.

  8. Hope fully when you get to be my age, you won’t have any back pain. Back pain and spasms make me feel like a Grandma. I swear by yoga tune up balls and Jill Miller’s stretching routines. That woman is a genius!

  9. I’m not always so great at stretching and icing. I don’t know why I hate doing it so much. I will say that the times when I’m much better about my post-run routine, and have regularly incorporated things like yoga into my cross training, are the times when I’ve felt the best and avoided injury.

    I love your little things for today! 🙂 (or I guess yesterday…haha)

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