Rules of the Run

Fall weather has arrived in Georgia in a hurry. Chill in the air, and I love it! We’ll talk more about fall running later.

People that have surprised me this week: my mom. Now, all Norak wants to do is talk running. I am wondering who has replaced my mother?! It’s awesome being able to talk to someone about running and help them train. In my next life, I want to do something with sports.

Norak is on bored for her February Disney Princess Half Marathon and she’s asking questions daily on how she can get ready for her first half marathon. I can relate to her newbie feelings and I am thrilled to get her started. I thought I would share with y’all how we are taking the training and preparation one step at a time.

Weekly Goals:
– Secure a training plan
– Get new shoes
– Talk time and distance
– Discuss nutrition

I am working with my trusty Runner’s World SmartCoach tool to build out Norak’s training plan based on her needs (how many miles a week, time goal, intensity, etc.). Norak threw a curve and is actually following Jeff Galloway’s coaching strategy created “For Beginning Runners
(those who have been running consistently for less than 6 months)
.” I am all for whatever gets her motivated and moving!

Next up will be taking her to my neighborhood running store for her proper shoe fitting. Like a kid in a candy shop!

25 Little Things – today’s thanks:

Anybody else geeked about the arrival of fall weather?


18 responses to “Rules of the Run

  1. Sigh, I feel like such a loner with this weather. I am not a fan of cold weather at all. The only good thing at all is that I can run at lunch (when it’s not raining) and soup and chili are back on the menu in full force. I love your “little things” today. So true.

    OH – did you get my email about the NuNaturals giveaway? You won.

  2. After the shoes = picking the race-day outfit! Norak’s gonna kill this 1/2 🙂

    Fall here just means an extra layer on the bike (and stealing D’s leg warmers) + refiguring out what I wear to be comfortable while running (every year I forget what works….). It also means perfectly warm afternoons, and planning SPRING races! (Notice how we’re skipping winter here…yup)

  3. I LOVE the fall weather – just in time for the last month of outdoor training runs and bike rides. I’m obsessed! Reading about training with your mom for the half marathon is going to be such a treat. 🙂

  4. Yeah this Georgia fall weather has me sick sick sick. And no way to walk the Yorkies in this rain! But, I’ve been thinking of signing up for the Disney Princess Half but I’m scared to do it alone!And the training is what I’m also struggling with tackling! But, I may may sign up!

  5. I wish I had a runner in my family… I have always been The Only One active in sports/fitness.

    I love Fall… its cold and cozy and I actually LOVE running outdoors this time of year! I am a WIMP in the heat.

  6. I can honestly say that since I started running so many great things have happened, but by far, one of the best was when my mom hopped on the bandwagon! I’m glad your mom is so excited about running. It’s the perfect time of year to get into it.

  7. I was excited for Fall weather until it started raining.

    Cold + rain = Unhappy Rachel

    Especially when I have to take my dog out and he’s starts trying to drag me through wet mud. Gross.

  8. Well.. here in New England we’re getting ready so say goodbye to fall and hello to winter already, a little sad.. I’m jealous of your fall weather. Fall is definitely my favorite : )

  9. I love that you and your mom are discussing running and training plans. She’s lucky to have such an experienced runner to help guide her through! 🙂

    I love the fall weather, but I hate how short the season is. A couple weeks ago it was weirdly hot — now there’s a chill to the air. Winter is just around the corner, and I’m not a fan.

  10. Good luck to your mom during her training! Awesome you are getting at it together. I seemed to have missed fall, being away for two weeks really put a damper on my enjoyment of the changing of seasons. May as well be winter already here in NYC.

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