Halloween Hangover

I surprised myself and wasn’t a total candy whore addict on Halloween. I do need to get back on the no-sugar bandwagon, I can feel myself slipping. Can’t give an alcoholic a “tiny sip,” if you know what I mean.

If you are coming down from your sugar high, Outside Magazine puts some of your worries at ease in “How To: Turn Leftover Halloween Candy into Workout Fuel” –
Bottom line: If you’re going to finish off the leftover Halloween candy anyway, eat it after your workout. Post-workout nutrition is an important habit, and if it takes candy to help you establish that habit, so be it. Just don’t make candy corn your default post-workout meal. It lacks important nutrients, and it’s easy to overindulge on sweet candy so the calories will add up—and fast.

There’s one way to think about what you put in your body. It somewhat pains me to quote Sharpie Sporting football star Terrell Owens but he has a solid work ethic the man makes a valid argument: “I liken my training to a bank account…you’re only going to get out of that bank account what you put into it. Basically, that’s how I look at my workouts. I’m only going to get out of my workouts what I put into them.”

PUMPED y’all are fond of the 25 Little Things. Today’s installment:

Mikey Likey: Wishing my bro a VERY happy birthday! As an artist, I know he will appreciate my awesome photoshop abilities.

Did anyone give away their Halloween candy or have another creative way of making sure it doesn’t get devoured all at once?


20 responses to “Halloween Hangover

  1. I didn’t have much leftover, but what I do have left are dark chocolate nuggets with almonds… health food 🙂 So I’ll snack one one a day as a treat.

    PS- love your ‘little things’ for today- it’s easy to forget how important our health is, until we don’t have it. I’m grateful, too!

  2. Since we dont get trick or treater’s, we don’t buy any candy!! I love that quote about getting out what you put in to a workout! I might just have to use that with one of my clients!!

  3. I am surprised I didn’t even bother to pick up any candy this year. Usually I hit up the sales after Halloween to get some good stuff for baking (or so that’s what I say- about half of it is used for that if we’re being honest).

  4. We didn’t even buy any candy – that’s the safest route in my opinion 😉 We don’t really live in a trick or treating neighborhood, so there’s really no need to buy the candy in the first place. Works out well for us.

  5. Love TO’s quote, amazing that dude can have moments of clarity. As far as candy, didn’t have any in the apartment this year, didn’t give any out to kids, so there was no temptation.

  6. We had a small stash around the house….you know what happened to That. 😉 We never actually *bought* any, but both our parents sent some over. Enablers.

    Does Mikey liken his birthday to Cinco de Mayo?! He better appreciate that photoshop master piece 😉

  7. I fell victim to the candy overdose, but I started on the right foot this week so Im feeling good! I think getting candy you hate would be a great way to prevent the Halloween pigout!

  8. *LOVE* the Bill Bowerman quote!! gotta give props to the awesome Oregon athletes! 😀

    we didn’t have Halloween candy… we are out on a couple acres with NO street lamps = no trick or treaters!

  9. I didn’t even buy any candy this year. No point! I don’t have a sweet tooth at all but if it is sitting there I’ll eat it (bad news bears) and my fiance is so relaxed about treats that the candy can sit there for months and he’ll have one peice now and again no problem.

    I don’t need the temptation. Plus we are in an apartment and have no trick or treaters, and we didn’t have a party. So there was no point all around.

  10. I LOVE that pumpkin! haha

    I actually don’t really have a problem staying away from most types of Halloween candy — except for candy corn, of course. I have a weird addiction to it that I can’t explain. But I do have a lot of leftover candy so I think I might bake with it…and then give that away. 🙂

    I love the 25 LIttle Things for today. 🙂

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