Halloween Playlist – Terrifying Tunes

Let me tease you a bit, tomorrow I’ll have a BIG race announcement. Stay tuned…trying to contain myself. (no guessing, Heather;)

Halloween is almost here! Yea, holiday season officially begins. Totally going to break my sugar hiatus, lookout Snickers and Candy Corn! My Halloween plans will consist of hanging out low-key with friends and doing a chili cook-off. We drink wine and pass out candy. Can we say win-win?!

If you are looking for some spooktacular running jams, look no further. Here are my picks to make you go Boo Boo Boo-m!
– Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Bon Iver Monster
– Kings of Leon Closer
– Bobby Pickett & The Cryptkickers  Monster Mash
– Panic at the Disco This is Halloween
– Michael Jackson Thriller

iTune it up.

Mikey Likey – for this Halloween edition I give you the best thing Mikey does every time this year, carve pumpkins. His artistic background doesn’t hurt. This year’s theme, Gremlins. Prepare to be amazed:

Don't eat this pumpkin after midnight

I need help carving my pumpkins! Any suggestions?!

17 responses to “Halloween Playlist – Terrifying Tunes

  1. hee… I am carving a DACHSHUND into two pumpkins this year… but you could have (never!) guessed that, right?? 😉

    I also like to write words… perhaps something RACE related… then you could SHOW us with a pumpkin !

  2. After eating/drinking my face off for the past two weeks I am curbing my early holiday candy eating. Gotta get back to shape before honeymoon pounds turn doubly bad with the holiday. Don’t want to have to buy new clothes.

  3. I’m not into carving pumpkins this year. I want to just paint them. Or modge podge them. Or something. But I haven’t done anything yet!

  4. Carve a lululemon sign! I only say that because we google image searched it today and, it HAS been done. Shocking, I know. And impressive.

    My lips are sealed!! But, I do have to add to that ‘tunes list….

    Purple People Eater! C’mon. How was that left off?! Classic.

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