Taking Advice from LeBron James and Don Johnson?

I am full of random useless facts this week. I stumbled across a video of LeBron James’s new Nike ad on the interwebs. At first I skimmed over, not going to give “The King” the time of day, but after finally seeing it pop up online for the millionth time I gave in and pressed play.

What should I do?

This shook my core. I understand it definitely showcases ego and confidence, but I think you can find more substance in this clip. How many ways are we pulled in daily? There are too many people to please, keep up with and keep track of. How often do we forget about the choices we believe in and want to make? I have done some things lately to try keep my sanity and do more for myself. I don’t believe it’s selfish, when ultimately I am doing things that will make be a better person, wife and friend. (Wife, still makes me feel old when I say that.) I think Tiger should give Nike a ring and see what they can whip up for him. Favre, maybe send a quick text?

There is something to be said for LeBron, or the advertising agency folks at Nike. Regardless, try not to miss the point.

What was the last thing you did for yourself?


17 responses to “Taking Advice from LeBron James and Don Johnson?

  1. I still have really mixed feelings about this add. I watched it too and was left unsettled. Good points are made about society and how judgmental we can be. Plus, its not like its Michael Vick in this commercial.

  2. Color me outside-the-loop, but…what did he do?

    Regardless, interesting take on promoting a shoe, Nike! I’m not sure Tiger has the charisma to pull that one off and make us think he’s the victim.

    To answer the Q: running is usually my “me time”. I try to not feel guilty about how early the alarm goes off, or how long I’m gone for, just that I get in the exercise And enjoy it for me 🙂

  3. Aw girl you are so right. I am a major pleaser – always wanting to make sure everyone around me is happy. Sometimes I wonder who I even am and what I really want. It’s easy to get lost sometimes when you’re so busy trying to be what everyone expects you to be – or better yet what you think they are expecting (which may be very different). I readily admit that I don’t do enough for just me. I’m glad to here you’re doing more for you!

  4. i think the message is a little skewed, but clear nonetheless – we need to be true to ourselves, to who we are when all expectations crumble around us. i like this ad.

  5. I feel the same way about wife! Granted, it’s been less than 2 months for me. 🙂 Last thing I did for myself was make a delicious re-fueling breakfast after my run this morning.

  6. Favre should send a text… *giggle* girl, you make me laugh 🙂

    this reminds me of the Natalie Portman digital short “I never said I was a role model”.. funny, but a cop out when people say it for real. You can’t have it both ways – embrace your celebrity AND the fact that people are watching you.

    I feel conflicted even writing that, because I have ALWAYS done exactly what I wanted and never cared what people think.

    Geez, Nichole, you’ve given me something to think on today.

    and if you haven’t seen the Natalie Portman SNL digital short… look it up. it’s funny.

    • YES! Portman’s sketch is awesome, good one hot pants:)

      Good for you for being confident, I wish I wasn’t so friggin indecisive sometimes.

      You bring up a great point about having it both ways, very very valid.

  7. so… I actually kinda love the ad.

    Probably because on a day like today when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I wish I had the balls to adopt the same attitude of ‘I’m doing this for me. Not you.’

    I also could argue each side because there are a lot of famous people that say they don’t want to be role models (MILEY CYRUS), but they need to accept it comes with the job and try not to f-it up. However, at the same time, just because someone is well known, doesn’t mean they are capable of being a role model, so we shouldn’t put them on that pedestal.

    Long story, short… cool ad, Nike 🙂

  8. Maybe it’s selfish, but I do a lot for me. My work requires me to give a lot of myself, but when I get home, I take time for the things I enjoy. Things like workouts or good meals are scheduled in, not added IF I have the time. If I didn’t MAKE the time, I would never have it. There’s always more to do, but some things just wait.

    And I really kind of like this ad. Lebron is who is. We can feel however we want about people like him, but the message is clear.

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