I workout for 2 hours, then I strut my little stuff on the catwalk.

Perhaps a little bit of truth finally around how supermodels get that “supermodel” body. I think we are all a bit tired of the, “I was blessed this way.” Yawn.

I can’t believe I’m quoting this from FitPerez, but go with it:
Lima explains her diet in the month and a half leading up to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show:

Lucky genes, not lingerie.

Lima’s diet is essentially zero-carb, and she spends two hours in the gym every day in the six weeks leading up to the show. Her workout routine consists mostly of boxing and jumping rope — she almost exclusively works out with her own body weight instead of relying on machines and dumbbells.

Anybody else have an “aha” moment? I mean if my job was to wear lingerie you best believe I’d be up in the gym working on my fitness for as long as possible. I was impressed to finally here a supermodel admit it’s hard work and dedication. Having a personal chef, trainer, etc. also goes a long way.

Lesson here, everybody trains for their big event differently.

I have to ask, would you rather have a personal chef or a personal assistant?

27 responses to “I workout for 2 hours, then I strut my little stuff on the catwalk.

  1. I agree!! It’s nice to hear someone admit they’re working hard and following a very strict diet for once. I get so frustrated reading article after article where they just claim they are “blessed” and “born this way.” Come on….

    I think I’d rather have a personal assistant. I need someone to help me get my life in order! haha And I don’t mind cooking so much, but I hate cleaning up the dishes afterward (can personal assistants do that too??)

  2. Personal chef. Please someone make me healthy meals!

    And if my job was to walk in the VS Fashion show I’d be in the gym 5 hours a day – that way I’d get to be the one to wear the million dollar diamond bra 😉

  3. Oh personal assistant for sure! I enjoy cooking, but someone to handle all the mundane stuff for me? Yes please! Although, I’d rather have a personal cleaner more than either of those things!!

  4. I was really starting to get tired of the generic Miss America answer of “it’s natural- I eat ice cream ALL the time! And love chocolate and pizza!” BS. I’m glad she’s cool with admiting to working her booty off!

    I’d totally go for the trainer. My strength training routine needs desperate help!

  5. 100 percent a personal chef. I’m a disaster in the kitchen and tend to rely on pretty basic and boring meals. I would looovvee to have someone make me healthy, fun, yummy food every day!

  6. Definitely a personal assistant! I enjoy cooking and eating out at restaurants for the atmosphere. Having someone to keep my organized and on task would be wonderful! Could I also make her to the laundry? Or would that be assistant abuse”? I think I really just need a maid.

  7. Neitha! A Chef would probably annoy me/dislike me because I’d be all – “Um, my kitchen – my seasonings – MY peanut butter oatmeal”….and a personal assistant seems entirely unnecessary for me. 😉 Personal Trainer? To finally get some weights in my hands? Yes, I’ll take one of those.

  8. I’m with Heather on this one! I like to prepare my own foods for the most part and when I’m want something fancy for dinner, Billy is my personal chef. I definitely don’t warrant a personal assistant BUT a personal driver might be nice! 🙂

  9. Oh a personal chef for sure! It would make life so much nicer because my husband and I don’t enjoy eating the same things. That way we could both eat exactly as we wished, and I wouldn’t have to cook two meals. 🙂

  10. My PT in the city is the trainer for many of the VS and other models and the workout I have seen him put them through is quite amazing…lots of jumping rope, lots of kick boxing MMA stuff. They work out pretty damn hard.

    I’d much rather have a personal assistant for those late night cheese steak runs.

  11. Personal chef all the way!!!

    And I agree its refreshing that she opens up that she works out and eats that way for her job. I also hope there are disclaimers that that is NOT good for a lifestyle or long lasting diet. I bet too many try that thinking it will get them looking like her though.

  12. Oh I would go insane with someone else in the kitchen. Its my place of sanity, I love it! I would probabaly be someone else’s personal chef before they were mine.

  13. gaw she’s gorgeous! still, I totally couldn’t give up carbs… and even if I did, I doubt it would turn my eyes that beautiful blue 😉

    Anyways… personal assistant! I think… or personal trainer. Can I make that a third option? Personal trainer!

  14. I WANT AN ASSISTANT !! I couldn’t stand someone else doing all of my cooking… I love it so.

    Good to see someone telling it like it really is… what we all knew anyway… 😀

  15. Refreshingly honest! For goodness sakes, no one was born that way. Besides, it’s much easier to take a supermodel when she’s being honest about her lifestyle.

    I need a personal assistant – or anyone who can clean up after me! I like cooking, but someone else needs to handle my other business, like getting oil changes. I keep forgetting!

  16. Personal chef for sure! My utter lack of desire to cook after work + school is becoming more and more frequent. Actually, I think a house wife would be perfect. Someone to cook and clean.

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