Stuffing Your Face Full of Running

Holy macaroni did y’all love the Turkey Trot or what? Love the support and I hope that you all do whatever your little Thanksgiving hearts desire. Heck, you could invent your own Mash Potato Mile.

I can say that my victims friends are almost on board. The turkey talk did spark some interest from family and friends for other races and I may have another race on the calendar. Team Norak is interested (Norak is my mom, Karon backwards) and I’ll give y’all all the deets on what we decide. Not counting that turkey before it’s hatched. If I can get my mom to sign up it will truly be a spectacular, magical, day. Wink, wink!

Turkey Trot race day was 5 weeks from yesterday, which means we have to get our racing buns in the oven. This turkey wants to cook on the race! I headed over to Runner’s Wold Smart Coach for a plan. Fitness Magazine also has a “Run Your First (or Fastest!) 10K” plan to try out.

Am I boring everyone to tears yet? How about some cupcakes to cheer you up? You will learn soon enough that I am humungo Nightmare Before Christmas fan. WARNING this recipe may make you drool – brown sugar cupcakes filled with Nutella. Ms Danielle can give you the full scoop and recipe!

And before I leave you all for the weekend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our hardest working Ironman (woman, whatever) Meghan! May you have a birthday fit for a queen king.

For your next bday, I will have better photoshop skils.

And totally unrelated, what’s everyone carving on their pumpkins?

17 responses to “Stuffing Your Face Full of Running

  1. my pumpkins will have a DACHSHUND of course. I will show them off soon. 😀

    I love Jack Skellington. I want to make these!! Nutella, NOM.


  2. If you get your mom to sign up for a race with you that will be just about the coolest thing ever.

    I’m terrible with knives so Billy will have to carve the pumpkins this year!

  3. Did you say cupcakes filled with brown sugar and NUTELLA?!

    We’re having a carving party next weekend… I usually just go with good ole Jack!

  4. Is there a Disney race on the agenda?! And, more importantly, is there a cupcake en route to Colorado for ME?! O.m.g. I want one.

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