Drumstick Dash!? My Next Race Announcement?

My feathers are officially ruffled. Y’all have patiently listened as I have waffled over what I am going to do for my next event. I’ve been impatient and crabby. Since the Olympics are a few years away (baaahh), how about something local and something I can do with my friends? Coach Jerry over at iRunnerBlog got my attention. It’s the training season lull, Coach suggested signing up for a Turkey Trot. Brilliance.

Is this light bulb politically correct, or what?

I had been on fence about signing up for my local area trot, but this was my moment of motivation.

Gobble Wobble!

Why this is one hot to turkey trot:

  • A 10k doesn’t require intense training like a half marathon but it’s enough to conjure up race-day butterflies
  • I get to pound the pavement before I put on the turkey day pounds
  • It’s a cheap race fee and I get to run with friends
  • Most turkey day races go to good causes and charities (it is time for giving)
  • T-shirt TIME! You get a fun race shirt to commemorate your success

This was the all the motivation I needed to start rallying the troops. Whether or not you sign up for a mash potato mile, marathon stuffing strut or a turkey trot, it could be a new healthy tradition you share with family and friends.

And you know I live for peer pressuring my friends, right? The folks below are on my list!

If you are still looking for encouragement:
iRunnerBlog: Get Your Turkey On!
Runner’s World: Dash & Dine
Active: Feast or Fitness? Have it Both Ways

Anybody doing a race or something similar on Turkey day?

28 responses to “Drumstick Dash!? My Next Race Announcement?

  1. Great idea! Perfect distance, timing, for a good cause and just FUN to get your body cranking then eat a huge meal. Billy and I are still working on our Thanksgiving plans – if we stay in Dallas, I think you just inspired me to run the Turkey Trot here!

  2. It’s ttttteeeeeeeee shhhhiiirrrrrttttt time!


    I am on the fence about a turkey trot. If I go back to Mid-Missouri to visit the rents, it’s not likely (being as how there are no races within an hour of where they live). If I stay put in Chicago for the holiday, it’s SO ON!!!

  3. Congrats on finding your next race!! I’ve never done a Turkey Trot, but always think about it. It’s definitely a fun way to get your heart pumping before the feasting begins. I love that you’ve pressured your family and friends into it too. The more the merrier 🙂

  4. i like the name of yours much better! the one i’m doing on thanksgiving is the “turkey day run.” uhhh not so original. drumstick dash sounds awesome.

  5. No way…I am signed up for this race!!! Is it the Marietta Square gobble jog? My SIL and I have recruited our families and a few friends to do it too! Can’t wait to see you there!

  6. I’m running the Turkey Trot in Dallas! I had big dreams to do the 8 mile track, but will end up doing the 5k instead. It is going to be fun!

  7. I did a Turkey Trot last year with my gym buddies and it was tons of fun. I plan to do another this year. I also have a Jingle Bell race in mind. Running through the holidays? I think so. I’ll be dragging a few family members along with me…even lil bro is getting in on the action!

  8. Who’s the princess? She looks look like you, kind of. But it’s not, right?! Hmm.

    I’m doing my first Turkey Trot, too! Assuming we stay in CO for the holiday, which I’m about 99.9% sure will be the case. They don’t have a trot ’round the hometown in NM, sad day.

    10K = time to get yo’ speed work ON!

  9. Thanks for the shout-out on your blog, ‘preciate it. Nothing better than a Turkey Trot, you totally feel better about double fisting turkey and stuffing into your face.

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