Rut-Ro: Breaking Out of a Slump

It's Groundhog Day...It's still just once a year, isn't it?

Vacations, they mess with your routine and have you doing things a bit differently – all for the best. After a few days I’ve come back refreshed and looking to turn my regular schedule around. To prevent the inevitable “Groundhog’s Day” feeling, I’m doing a few small things to unstuck my rut.

1. Rearranging my schedule. From grabbing coffee later in the morning to making sure I make time for a walk of some type outside. I am finding ways to break up my day and shuffle tasks around.

2. Doing something for myself. Not to sound selfish, but I typically rush home from work only to fall into my regular evening routine of dinner and house chores. I’m making sure I add some mid-week errands in, which will also help free up the weekends. Lookout Target!

Spice up that routine!

3. You snooze you lose. I am a morning workout gal, no doubt, but if I could actually get out of bed within the first 10 minutes of my alarm I’d be making up some serious time.

4. Making a daily to-do list. I love me some lists and putting a few must to-dos on a list will help me refocus during the day. If I know I have somewhere to be at a certain time I rush to make sure I get it all done. Adding a sense of urgency to things.

These few tips should help me inch out of the rut of routine.

What do you all do to make daily tasks less mundane?

19 responses to “Rut-Ro: Breaking Out of a Slump

  1. Ugh, I sooo need to get out of my daily rut and definitely do something for myself. I do the exact same thing where I rush home, finish up workouts or run any errands then get straight to dinner, cleaning. eating, reading, sleeping then it all starts again.

  2. On the to-do list front – I usually only put 3-5 things on the Daily list. These are manageable tasks that are prioritized and Can be done that day. Then, they Will be crossed off. And I will be satisfied. 🙂

    Also a morning workout gal – once that’s done, I’m much more productive/pleasant.

    On another note, that spicy chili is giving me the eye.

  3. Because I sit at work all day, I always just come home from work want to MOVE. So I have a love/hate relationship with tv. Either way, because I want to enjoy my shows and still need to clean, I clean during commercial breaks. That way, I’m watching my show, cleaning, and still moving in intervals. 😉 It’s a win-win-win!

    I’m also a huge nerd. But that’s aight.

  4. I LOVE my to do lists… (AND my snooze button today…)

    if I have things I must get done, I will put off something FUN as a ‘reward’ after the chores are done… going for a walk with Basil, baking something YUM, online shopping or watching those Crazy Housewives. 😉

  5. Love what you said about going on a walk. If I’m inside for too many hours, I get into what feels like an office/laptop hole and the minute I walk outside (even if it’s raining but especially when it’s sunny!), I feel like a million bucks. I also try to switch up my lunch every other day. I used to eat the same damn thing everyday. BORING!

  6. I definitely make a to-do list but I try to make it short as well. Or I put up a weekly to-do list which gives me more time. I also like to set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal so i can take my time in the morning. I HATE being rushed. But at the same time, life’s too short to worry, right? One day at a time is good by me. 🙂

  7. I find that if I press my snooze button once, I’m bound to do it again. So to avoid that I set my clock to the latest time I can possible wake up so I don’t press snooze at all. That makes me start my day right away without the groggy feeling I get by being in a half-asleep-snooze mode.

  8. I try to do this: Get everything done during the day so that I can relax at night. This really helps me focus and get my crap done.

  9. I definitely have a hard time NOT getting stuck in a rut after vacations. And sometimes just in the course of daily life. When you have the same routine day in and day out, it just sort of sneaks up on ya!

    I think these tips are great! For me, rearranging my schedule and doing something different, or a little spontaneous is key! Best way to get out of a rut is to spice things up! 🙂

  10. The work week can get so mundane! I love the idea of taking a walk. Being outside in this weather can really make the days better. I actually think I should take more time to sneak outside throughout the workday. Maybe the fresh air will beat off the kid germs surrounding me!

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