Work Hard Play Hard

I can say officially, I am Disney World Tired. While I missed you all, seeing my brother was such a treat. Literally did not stop partying moving from when we arrived Thursday night to when we left yesterday. As they say, when in Rome Orlando.

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival did not disappoint and we drank all around the world. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios was freaking awesome. The haunted houses and tricked out theme park put me in the holiday mood for sure.

I am still beaming from vacation. This week is going to be rough, but I am getting re-focused today and back in the groove. Sometimes falling back into your routine feels so good.

Orlando by the numbers:
1 dozen countries visited at Epcot
1 dozen adult beverages from each country consumed (team effort, tiny samplers)
3 haunted houses
10 hours of endless entertainment from a robot R2D2 (long story)
1 beer chugging contest in line for the Maelstrom
1 tree climbing accident in Epcot (Andrew is OK, but his ego is bruised)
4 feet, the estimated size of “King George” a baby gator in Mikey’s pond
3 bulldogs aka “the potato army” to entertain me
2 hours of Ultimate Frisbee
2 bruised ribs courtesy of The Mummy at Universal (I failed to restrain myself properly, lol)
1 McDonald’s Happy Meal (came in a pumpkin bucket, SO sweet)
72 hours of nonstop chaos

Orlando by the images:

Greetings from the happiest place on earth!

15 years of Food & Wine, also my brothers age (jk)

Greetings from somewhere in Europe!

Related much?

Like you could pass a glow in the dark stand without trying out everything?

The low budget version of Thriller.

How about y’all, best family vacation?


23 responses to “Work Hard Play Hard

  1. looks like FUN !! 😀 yep – I’m like a kid – NO WAY could I not play with ALL of that stuff!

    we used to go to the beach a few times a summer, and my sisters and I would stay out late and meet boys. (this was obviously LONG AGO!)

    we also drove to DisneyLand one year… my sis and I almost got kicked out. 😉 long story!

    good to have ya back – you were missed !

    • OK, Disney Land, that’d be fun! I am dying to check out that park.

      My bro and I got kicked out of Sea World, for the record. It was owned at the time by Anheuser Busch, let’s leave it at that.

  2. looks like you had SUCH a blast! You’re right, judging by those numbers, this week is going to be a painful reentry into real life!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments about my stress fracture! It helps to hear

  3. What a weekend! You are an Energizer bunny and I love it. Cute to see you and your bro together. I want to know more about R2D2. 🙂

    I loved family vacations as a kid. We had a huge Starcraft van and my parents would pack my sisters and I into the back with blankets, pillow, toys, books, snacks and we’d take off to places like the Grand Canyon and Crested Butte. Such amazing memories.

  4. Honestly, I think one of my favorite family vacations was the one we just took to Washington DC. Now that my brother and I are older, it’s more entertaining conversations that are shared over a few beers and time with family that we don’t get to see everyday… 🙂

  5. Looks like so much fun! I seriously think Disney would be my top family vacation. I sooooo badly want to go soon! I’m more determined now than ever to convince Peter M is big enough for Magic Kingdom this summer.

  6. oh that totally looks like a BLAST! I would have loved the food an wine festival. I bet you need a vacation from your vacation now. Welcome home!

  7. One dozen beverages consumed from EACH country?! That’s 144 beverages (math whiz, whaa?). I think I’ll pass on my Superwoman title to YOU… 😉

    Glad you crazies had a good time!! Gotta love some Disney days!

  8. We always enjoyed the annual beach week, but our family loves their Disney – even when it involves seeking shelter in the middle of Hurricane Francis! Disney Monopoly – hours of family fun! haha

    Glad you had such a fun trip! I am dying to get the Food and Wine Festival one year.

  9. i’m still jealous of the epcot food and wine fest. 🙂 did you discover any tasty vino?

    my family and i haven’t really vacationed together (well, besides my husband.) we’re going to New Zealand in 2 weeks so i’m pretty pumped!

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