The Little Things

Another "loser." Brooohaa.

Somebody accidentally got sucked in last night to The Biggest Loser. Is that awful? Before you roll your eyes, drama aside, the lifestyle and training tips on the show are important for any size or shape. I found myself glued for a solid 10 minutes listening to Bob’s advice on healthy eating – I’ll take tips wherever I can. I kind of want Bob and Jillian to keep my a** for a week.

I love me some FitSugar, New York Times Well, Vitamin G, etc. But I have stumbled across another resource that has drawn a healthy obsession – Yuru.

Yuru, the world’s first “one stop” health and wellness destination, offers consumers individual and customizable tools to help them on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Be your own guru. Yuru.

They talk about all sorts of interesting topics on their blog, 6 of the Laziest Things Humans Have Devised or how about 8 popular restaurant meals that should feed more than 2 people. I was intrigued by 50 Simple Ways To Burn Calories, sure these are some things we’ve heard before but when you see them in a short list it’s a bit of an “ah-ha” moment.

The ice, ice baby I like.

A few suggestions from Yuru:
1. Take Vitamin-D
2. Drink coffee
3. Sleep more
4. Do things by hand (vacuuming, cooking)
5. Wear a pedometer

Things I do daily, include:
1. Parking out of the way to have a longer walk.
2. Taking the stairs.
3. Eating without the TV on or other distraction.
4. Keeping my stomach tight when sitting in traffic. (glorious mental picture there)
5. Drinking ice cold water.

Small things, too easy to not try! What are a few shortcuts you do to burn a few extra calories?


25 responses to “The Little Things

  1. I’m definitely one to park out of the way to walk the extra distance. That and I really think it’s not time efficient at all to spend all the time driving around looking for the closest spot possible…

    And I seriously love all the websited you’ve been recommending. :p

  2. I love those sites, too, so I’m going to check out yuru (clever). I do Nos. 1, 2, and 3 on their list, though I’m not sure anyone’s proven a causal link between vitamin D and weight loss. It’s still worth taking for the diseases it can prevent.

  3. I need to check out that site. Thanks for sharing. I take the stairs when possible. I also have a 3-block walk to and from my car from my office building. I definitely park farther out in lots – it’s usually faster than circling like a vulture. Oh and water, let’s say I spend a huge part of the day going back and forth to the potty b/c of the water I drink 😉

  4. Slightly Cliche, but, Take the STAIRS. Besides, elevators creep me out anyway. So, that one’s an easy substitution 😉

  5. I love ice water. love Love LOVE. my massage therapist always brings me warmish water after my treatment, and it’s GRODY.

    girl… I could never tighten stomach muscles while driving… crazy !@$& behind the wheel already get my in a tizzy – I need relaxation where I can get it in my car. 😀

    vacuuming and cooking by hand? …as opposed to…?

    I love the idea of YURU… being your own guru… very cool. one of the questions from #fitblog last night was “who is your fitness inspiration?” and my answer was “my pre-injury self” and everyone liked that one. before my injuries / surgeries I was a badass. I’m getting back to badass state. 😉

    I cannot not watch Big Loser. I recently wrote a post about many negatives and unrealistic aspects, but there are many motivational and inspirational positives, too. I love it.

  6. omg – I love you. I totally keep my stomach tight on a regular basis – I got it from my mom! We’re “nervous” people. A bit tense. Haha. I also always take the stairs and walk anywhere that is safe and reasonable – Dallas is not built for pedestrians which is one reason I want to move!

  7. Some of the things on the list are hilarious. Eat crackers? Pretty sure that doesn’t work. Walking or biking to work is definitely my extra calorie burn of choice.

  8. 1. I squeeze my abs in most of the time.
    2. I squeeze my tush when I walk most of the time.
    3. I don’t park far away due to safety reasons (I walk enough otherwise).
    4. I go for walks after dinner or do yoga for peace of mind.
    5. I cook myself MOST of the time!

  9. I drink LOTS of water and some coffee and tea. I love walking…but I always park in the closest spot! My mom used to say the front row spot was lucky when we went shopping. I can’t risk an unlucky day at the mall 🙂

  10. Hey, thanks for the mention. I manage the Yuru blog, and we appreciate your support!

    Your blog is great. I’ll definitely mention it on our Facebook fan page.

    Thanks again!

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