Brought to you today by the letters, R, U and N.

That’s moi, a stubborn mule. I have counseled everyone here on being cautious on running in the dark and then last night, I went running in the “evening” and then found myself at “dusk.” I swear it went from nice sunset to 0’dark thirty real quick. I was running on a well lit path, until the last mile of my run. It was awful. I honestly thought I was going to break something and I finally forced myself to slow down. Not my brightest moment, pun intended. Please y’all be careful. (I kind of sounded like Britney Spears there, sorry). It’s getting darker sooner and we are all bummed about that, but if you must be outdoors light yourself up with headlamps, flashlights, glow sticks, etc. And now you know.

As noted, I have been an outdoor girl this week. Super unmotivated to work inside the gym, and earlier this week I got on the “dreadmill” and realized that if I had to run at 8 mph I might have a bit of a breakdown. If you have the same “take this treadmill and shove it” attitude, check out Fit Chick In the City’s thoughts on Beating the Dreadmill Blues.

Mikey Likey – Since the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses were such a crowd favorite, today’s Mikey Likey is brought to you by the letters F-A-L-L. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street those fuzzy mittens now?! Head on over here if you want to see the fuzzier, fuller collection.

Definitely want to send best race time and wishes to all the runners at this year’s Chicago Marathon!

What’s your favorite cooler weather gear? And if you had to be a Sesame Street character, who would you be?


12 responses to “Brought to you today by the letters, R, U and N.

  1. ah, Grover. my favorite.

    I am currently having the same treadmill blues… I ran on one on vacation, thinking “this isn’t bad” (yeah, I’m on vacation!!) and when we returned home it was raining so I ran on my treadmill here… BOO. I think it’ll get easier, because last year I don’t recall minding at all?

    I have some of those pumpkin spice kisses… you may want to stay away from by blog later if you don’t want to see what I do with them.. 😉

  2. Is it weird that I get a little creeped out by Seaseme Street? I think I can trace it back to a nightmare about Big Bird when I was little… scarred for life.

    I like my winter scarves… Not much of a huge accesorizer here, but I do tend to enjoy adding onto my scarf collection every year.

  3. Well I just saw the lululemon Winter running gear line up, and may or may not have started mentally budgeting/figuring out how I could afford EVERY PIECE. Because they’re amazing.

  4. I hate winter – just putting that out there. The only thing I enjoy is wearing boots. Now if you’re talking cold weather running gear – my gloves and whatever you all that band to cover your ears. Be careful out there girl – but you know that of course.

  5. I have a kickass headband that is so ugly and keeps me so warm. I love Elmo. Or Grover. Even Big Bird…but he was supposed to portray a 6 year old boy!

  6. I have been struggling with the new night time hours. I usually dont get back from class until 6:30, giving me little time to get out before night fall. I guess the benefit of being in big city is that there are plenty of street lights and bustling sidewalks. Still, it isnt fun.

  7. Wrap me up in some long, colorful scarfs. They are the coziest fall accessory. Love!

    Be careful out there, lady! Bears! They’re real, I’m telling ya! 😉

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