The Ironman Was Listening

Shut the front door! Be still my beating heart, did someone hear my boredom cry? Get a load of this breaking news: The Wall Street Journal reports Ironman to Get Less Exclusive: Owner of Legendary 141-Mile Triathlon Plans to Expand With Shorter Races.

Let’s pump the brakes here and focus.

Pros: It’s only 31.9 miles (an Olympic distance triathlon), which means – I’m totally going to do this, even if I have to swim on my back.
Cons: If I did a proper Ironman 70.3+ miles I would be pissed that people completing shorter distance races are associated with the iconic Ironman emblem.

Call it an Ironbaby, I don’t care – I think it’s awesome.

Why the sudden move to shorter distances? Ironman is making this move due to the growing popularity of triathlons. The number of racers grew to 1.2 million U.S. triathletes in 2009, a 50% jump from 2007, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. And on that note, I agree with racer Mark Allen, “….World Triathlon’s move into shorter, Olympic distance triathlons is a smart business move. But as an athlete, he says the 5150 series can’t compare with the traditional Ironman.”

These lids will be peeled for the locations. Did you hear that swimming pool?! It’s rematch time.

Oh, did you say you want MORE sweet news?! Just because I’m going sugar free, doesn’t mean the family is.

Mikey Likey: I get to see this punk next week and if there’s one thing about going to my bro’s house, it’s the fact there will be a candy jar on his living room table waiting for me. This jar is filled with Hershey Kisses year-round – Candy Cane at Christmas or the Cherry Cordial for Valentine’s. And for Halloween, y’all may have seen the Candy Corn kisses, but how about PUMPKIN SPICE this year! There is also Caramel Apple running around store shelves. I don’t know what rock I was hiding under last year when these came out. Look at all the varieties.

Who needs a hug with this kind of kiss?!

Sound off, thoughts on Ironman’s decision to expand into shorter races? If you were a Hershey Kiss, what flavah would you be?!


19 responses to “The Ironman Was Listening

  1. Not going to lie, I gasped when I first learned of the pumpkin spice kiss. I will resist…
    If I weren’t the most unbuoyant person in the world, I would definitely sign myself up for an Olympic sized tri.

  2. “Ironbaby” love that! haha

    I agree with both your pros and cons. It’s really cool that more people will be able to participate, but it’s called an Ironman for a reason. It would be like if they had another Boston Marathon that was only 13.1 miles and anyone could do it. Just doesn’t seem right….

    Then again, I’ve never done a full Ironman, and it’d be a pretty awesome initiation into the Ironman-world if you could start off with a shorter one..

    I’m actually not a huge fan of Hershey’s kisses, but I did try the pumpkin spice one last year and thought it was surprisingly good!

  3. Great smart move, it will help increase the exposure of tri’s and will promote bringing new athlete’s to the tri. I can see myself starting with a “baby” and working my way up to a 70.3 then a full. I think it is a great, great idea to market to a new generation of triathletes.

  4. I know!!!! My husband and I were stunned about the new ironman olympic races. They are buying out all the races now, haha.
    Pumplin spice kiss??!?!? I must find these!

  5. Pumpkin spice kisses? Are you kidding me! Those could give candy corn a run for their money.

    And how cool that Ironman is becoming something others can achieve. I think you would do great at it!

  6. Isn’t the IronGirl series full of shorter races?! I’m totally on board with the IronBaby concept. Because, how badass does that sound?


    😉 heh. You do whatever triathlon your beating heart desires. We will all support you.

  7. Ironbaby – heh. I love your triathlon mentality. It’s contagious…well, not enough for me to sign up for one – yet. But if I can get through my 1st half marathon in December, I’ll consider it! Also, I used to love the Peanut Butter Kisses but have trouble finding them – I guess it’s b/c all these other flavors are on the loose!

  8. I’m not a triathlete and no way could I finish an Ironman but I’d think if I had I wouldn’t be too fond of this shorter version coming out. It seems to make your accomplishment seem a bit less. Unless there is a distinction between the two distances. You are right they should call it an Ironbaby or an Ironboy maybe to signify the shorter distance.

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