Addicted, Guilty Pleasure

Some like it hot!

Have y’all heard of LAVA? It’s a magazine for “serious triathlon,” clearly they sent it to me by mistake – har har. I was glued to the articles, the inner athlete in me was totally drooling. An inside article, “To Topple a Queen” profiled two bad-ass females prepping for the Ford Ironman World Championship. Something one of the profiled women, Julie Dibens, said struck my core.

“Racing is what motivates me to get out the door. It helps break my season into blocks. There is no way I could just race once in March and then once in October. That’s too big of a training block to wrap my head around.”

That’s where I am sitting right now. Granted I am absofrigginlutely surely no pro, I want a goal. Heading in to the darker, cooler season not sure of my training. Crap, am I one of those people who is “goal oriented”!? I have been in training mode for weeks now with the sprint triathlon and the relay half Ironman. With nothing on the calendar, I’m finding it hard to figure out my training goals. I am playing around with a Runner’s World Smart Coach plan again, to keep me in tune. I am in serious need of some pep right now.

I should tell you that outside of running, I am also mildly obsessed with celebrities. Don’t judge. I love my E! Breaking News alerts I get via e-mail at 3 AM letting me know which rehab facility celebrity [fill in the blank] has checked into. Perez Hilton may not be the classiest of celebrity media, but check out his latest endeavor, Fit Perez. Dear Fit Celeb, I’d kind of take that as a snub.

He says this is based on his personal journey he’s been on for the past few years. I guess running around for celeb dirt has to be taxing. The site seems to filled with celebrities looking “fit” and health news. Not sure how I feel about it. Is the site going to end up like Fit Celeb but with the pictures featuring funny writing on them?

Anybody have a favorite celebrity workout? Suzanne’s Thigh Master, Jane Fonda’s Buns O Steel?


16 responses to “Addicted, Guilty Pleasure

  1. Oh you got it aaaalllll wrong – it’s Tamilee Webb’s Buns of Steel LOL (just teasing you know). I used to do that series eons ago. It seriously hurt like hell too. I think I still have the VHS tapes somewhere. 😉

    I think it’s great you’re so excited and into the tri thing now. You are sooooo motivated.

  2. Jillian kicks my ass more often than not, with her 30 Day Shred business (though that DVD is currently collecting dust)…

    Races have changed the way I think about running – if I go more than month without toeing a starting line? Antsy, like whoa. It’s not great for my bank account, but it’s been a fun way to blend running/socializing/staying sane 😉

  3. You are a pro in my book … if you worked out next to me you would have your own Suzzane Summers infomercials immediately! I like ALL Chuck Norris workout routines….Oh and yes, I would just love a Miami Vice with extra cherries on the side please what are you drinking in Jamaica?

  4. I will usually put a fun race on the calendar during these dark months to keep me motivated with working out and training. I usually get down to a race in Tampa to visit my parents and run a half. Always motivates me.

  5. I like both Jillian’s (Shred + NMTZ) and David Kirsch (ALL OF THEM !!) for ‘celeb’ workouts… also? Don’t laugh, I have a shake weight.

    I DO ! I kinda like it!

    That Perez site? how is it different than his original…? I don’t see any fitness related anything. He *HAS* lost a huge amount of weight, kudos to that, but…? Hm.

    I LOVE to stalk Perez when we’re at SXSW…

  6. Have y’all forgotten Tae Bo?? Billy Blanks could turn my muscles to jello in less than ten minutes.

    Shake Weight…I can’t look at one without giggling.

    And apparently, I have some kindergarten kids that REALLY need more artichokes in their life, according to Pez-head.

  7. richard simmons, man!! whatever happened to that guy?:)

    speaking of celebrities, we always get the most random sightings/events around here but i never know about them till the next day. and because we live downtown, they’re always a block or two away. which reminds me, i really need to get on those Oprah tickets… 🙂

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