Bould-er Expectations

I have returned from a four-day non stop blitz. I feel like we were gone a month. Disney World tired for sure. I am fresh off the plane y’all, landed after midnight.

We had enough time in Boulder to check out some new places and trails. Trail running kicks you in a whole new way. Some trails led right up to rocks to climb and boulder (pun intended). Running or walking is definitely the best way to explore a city, and Colorado has umpteen different routes to pick. The weather was surprisingly mild during the day. Couldn’t have asked for better temps. Boulder has a sweet downtown area with shops and tons of good restaurants. To the inventor of rooftop bars, I salute you.

Georgia fans took over the town and we spent a lot of time with tons of friends.

The bad news UGA lost, good news BRAVES win! I have been a Braves gal since the 80s, and the playoff birth is the perfect parting gift for Coach Bobby Cox.

I will have more pics and ridiculousness to share with y’all later, including my visit to Denver and the biggest REI ever. PS – feel free to head over and visit Julie at Savvy Eats, she was kind enough to let me share a bit on her fabulous site!

How was everyone’s weekend? You get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather?!


17 responses to “Bould-er Expectations

  1. I LOVE Boulder! And it looks like y’all had beautiful weather. I’m sure the weekend was action-packed. I love how you fit it all in- working out, taking advantage of the outdoors, and boozing for college football – my kind of lady. xoxo

  2. Rooftop bars are the Beer gods’ gift to Colorado. No doubt.

    😉 Glad you guys had fun! NOT glad we never got to meet up!! Guess this means you have to come back…

  3. Love and hate this post. Love it b/c Boulder is the best place on Earth, I am sure you totally enjoyed it. Hate it b/c I hate Bobby Cox and the Braves…dislike.

  4. Oh!! You made it to the UGA game! Go Dawgs! 🙂

    I wish I could have gone. I heart UGA + the state of Colorado. Too bad about the outcome of the game though…

    On the other hand, it was a gorgeous weekend here in the ATL. Yay, Fall!

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