Happy Trails and Tailgates

Today is my Friday! We are packing our party and heading west to Btown. University of Boulder versus my Georgia Bulldogs. Looking forward to the mountains, the hikes and the peeps!

Can’t believe it’s midweek what a busy few days. Still taking it all in, and I leave you to amuse yourself with my weekend rewind:

My mom hates how you get marked up in Tris for some reason, so I thought I'd show her it's no big deal.

Oh the hubs, always supporting (and telling me how close we are from placing)

Norak (my mom) spotting her first Christmas mall decor.

And on that note.

Anybody already decorated for Halloween or are you waiting to the official start of October? What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a sporting event?


14 responses to “Happy Trails and Tailgates

  1. I am so jealous you’re going to Colorado… quite possibly my favorite state!!

    Also, I’m glad you’re going for the beautiful weather, hikes & fantastic healthy food… if you were going solely for GA football, it might be a disappointment 😉 On that note, GO DAWGS!!

    Have fun!!

  2. The hubs is running in sandals! I’m impressed, but also glad for your team that he wasn’t in charge of the 13.1 😉

    have a safe trip tomorrow!!!

  3. I went to NY once for the X Games, and for my OWN sporting I helicoptered into Whistler to ski. 😉 I was a badass on the slopes back then…

    I LOVE your leg note!! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend, Go DAWGS! 😉

  4. When we were planning this trip, we thought about coming back to Dallas early for the TX/OU game this Saturday…then we got free accommodations in Ibiza and that idea flew out the window. 🙂 We flew from Dallas to LA for the Rose Bowl last January…that’s probably my furthest. Excited for your to have a fun, long weekend!

  5. Sounds like you are gonna have a awesome time! The picture of you saying hello to your mom is hilarious!!! I love it! So something I would do!

    You better believe we have Halloween decorations up already and still have more to go!

  6. Sweet, I can start the Christmas decorating early. Nothing like celebrating December 25 for three months.

    I love that coffee sign. Hilarious. And so so true.

    (By the way, too bad you live waaaay down there. You have the same sense of humor as me and we’d be great making-fun-of-stuff buddies.)

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