“Today is just a good day in disguise.”

Seriously, y’all rock. The comments, the energy, the well wishes – it goes far and means the world.

All the rainy Monday weather paid off on my late drive home yesterday. Not everyday you see a rainbow, or a double rainbow, or the largest rainbow you’ve ever seen. Alas, no lucky charms, leprechaun or Keebler Elves.

I have been unusually anxious since Sunday. I’ve been wired when I should be pooped. I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Andrew clearly isn’t having this issue. I whispered to him last night as he was about to nod off, “There’s an 18 week half Ironman training plan on the counter. We need to start in March.”

For a few who may be paying attention, remember when I reinstated my “no sugar” FitSugar “Give It Up For the Get Fit For 2010 Challenge? I am happy this time to report that I am kicking that contest’s a**. I did have froyo as pre-race prep but I refuse to break tradition there.

The no-sugar shakedown: The first 3 – 4 days were brutal. I think I had side effects of no sugar that I didn’t realize, such as crankiness and headaches. After that hump, I can look at candy corn and not feel the need to immediately devour. The days I stay sugar and dessert free I have more energy, happier, etc.

Mikey Likey – How do you show your family you miss them? Solid gene pool.

You kids believe in the rule that doing something for 28 days makes it a habit?

17 responses to ““Today is just a good day in disguise.”

  1. I think that if you go 28 days without sugar you wont even remember that you’re avoiding it. It will just become part of your daily life. I think you’re allowed a little froyo every now and again.

  2. Hi! I had a few minutes to check in on my blog friends and I miss you! I’m so impressed with your no sugar challenge. I’ve always wanted to do that and have afraid b/c of my outrageous sweet tooth – probably a good reason why I should give it a try! I gave up candy for Lent one year and never looked back. 🙂

  3. 28 days, 30 days, 90 days – depends on the habit you’re trying to kick or make? I’ve heard all three, but think it just depends on the question above and the person’s will power 😉 Maybe in your case it’s only 7 days…

  4. Good for you on taking on the challenge again. Not sure if 28 days is a hard/fast rule. I think it’s probably fairly individual. I think you’ll definitely get used to the reduced sugar to the point where you think an apple is sweet.

  5. that photo of you is beautiful… 😉 (Jason and I were CRYING laughing so hard in an airport once, playing with all the effects in photobooth… 🙂

    awesome on the no sugar! fro yo SO DOES NOT count!! 🙂 yes, a certain amount of time definitely makes a habit…

  6. I think 28 days is a good start to forming a habit, but for it to really be ingrained it takes longer.

    You amaze me at being able to turn down candy corn. LOL

  7. I can’t get over you went that long without sugar and doing that well! That’s great! I have been sleeping like poo lately too.

    I can’t stop by this post with out asking if you have seen the double rainbow video?? If not please look, you have to have a certain sence of humor for this, and you do have those pics up so why not:

  8. Beautiful rainbow!

    I think if you have kicked the habit and aren’t missing it…it can be gone for good! You’re sweet just the way you are!

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