Would you Rather?

It's not like it's Bunco, people.

In Georgia, we have a few laws. The BooBlue Law,” no beer on Sunday and the unspoken “SEC Law,” no marriage or other birth related celebratory events on Saturday. I feel like I am breaking the law by having planned training and a race this season. Our race is on Sunday, but that means I am watching the Dawgs first night game, sober. I know, it could be worse but seeing how they’ve been playing I may need liquid courage to get through all four quarters.

To keep my anxiety down, we’ve been working on a puzzle each night this week. Go ahead, call Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia. I don’t care if it makes us look 100 years old, I love puzzles.

I totally got sucked into the Thursday night TV vortex with The Office, 30 Rock and Jersey Shore. I like to keep it classy. 30 Rock is one of my faves and they played a game on last night’s show called, “Would You Rather.” Too bad Andrew play this game with me all the time — Would you rather have Morgan Freeman or Robert Redford narrate a movie about your life? Since it’s Friday, relax and entertain yourself for a few with 30 Rock’s “Would You Rather” game.

In the spirit of the game, would you rather-
Be in the studio all day while Heidi Montag records a new album OR clean the smoosh room at the Jersey Shore House?


21 responses to “Would you Rather?

  1. Listen to Heidi Montag record an album. The way I see it, they used up some lung space to fill those massive boobs, so she’ll tire after a few hours and I can go home without clamidia.

    I love this game. My favorite to ask people is: Would you rather have a horn coming out of your forehead or two little feet dangling from your chin?

  2. You are going to dominate it on Sunday. I thought my home county in NJ was the only one with Blue Laws, huh. I’d rather listen to Heidi, I’m from Jersey, and I don’t want to go back.

  3. I would rather have Morgan Freeman narrate. I’m not EVEN going to acknowledge the other question 😉

    I LOVE puzzles!! Seriously, and I’ve never felt old when doing them?? Maybe because other things we do make us feel old: we play BINGO in a real hall (last time I won $100!!), and we gamble so “well” in Vegas that we get comped rooms + flights all the time – and we are the youngest BY FAR on those planes!! 🙂

    I’ll be thinking of you Sunday, in my no-weird-law Oregon!! 🙂

  4. hahaha yikes! That’s a tough one. I guess I’d have to go with Heidi. The ringing in my ears would only last for a day…who knows how long any disease I’d catch in that room could linger.

    Good luck with your race this weekend!!!

  5. Tough questions! Keep me far away from Heidi.

    I love that you do puzzles. I like crosswords. As a kid, it was a dream to finish a newspaper crossword puzzle.

    Rock that race!

  6. LOL! I love the “SEC” law. Yea…my friend’s wedding is tonight. Oh well. And heck – it could be a game we actually win this season. 😉

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