“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”

Thank you for all the candy kernels of support! If I am this lousy at giving up candy, thank jeebus I never took up a bad habit like smoking. This week I have had an insane amount of energy. I am pretty sure I invented the Jesse Spano cleaning routine. I think my surge of energy can be traced back to two things -> A) My mass intake of fruits, since I can’t have sugar. B) I have pre-race hidden anxiety. Either way, I’m happy as a clam and have been knocking things out.

Welcome to the first day of fall! For those who thought it was Monday or yesterday, let’s settle this. TIME reports, “According to the U.S. government’s official web site, it is Wednesday, September 22, at 11:09 p.m….Why do so many people care about what day the seasons change? Are there that many Wiccans in the U.S.? Or are people just curious about what day their seasonal affective disorder will kick in?)”

Nothing says fall quite like a heatwave. I see you northerners on football games, baseball games, all bundled up in cozy sweatshirts. Give us southerners a month, we’ll catch up.

Since I can’t give y’all “fall weather running tips,” how about some new jams to get you over the hump of the day? You won’t find anything from Glee, but I’m trying to like that show – promise! To be honest, the first time I heard them sing was during my spin class and I thought it was a “We Sing Silly Songs” version, where little kids sing grown up songs. Woops!

Here are some of my recent rotations. You can thank me later for this first tune, it’s total awesome sauce.
– DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop)
– Florence + The Machine Dog Days Are Over
– Kayne West Runaway
– Civil Twilight Letters from the Sky
– Enrique Iglesias I Like It

iTune it up.

Anyone enjoying seasonal temps? And what fall TV shows are you looking forward to – I know you Dancing With the Stars fans are out there somewhere.


23 responses to ““Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”

  1. Yeah, yeah. If you’re really Jessie Spano-esque you’ll have gotten your energy from too many caffeine pills.

    Oh, and I don’t care what season it is technically. It’ll be fall when it’s cool enough to wear a jacket outside. And when the weather can’t be classified as “heat wave.”

  2. I do heart DWTS but the cast this season is a little too off for me (Bristol Palin, really?!) – normally I’d be all about the Biggest Loser, but alas, we have no TV in this temporary house…I KNOW.

    Other shows: Castle, Cougartown and….(drumroll please)…MODERN FAMILY. Thank jeebus for Hulu.

  3. I’m blaming my pathetic night of sleep on being overly excited about watching Modern Family tonight… ha ha. (although I’m sure my late evening baking had something to do with it)

    I heart DJ Earworm. Last year’s mix was a good one… aaahhhh 2009…

  4. I was gabbling away on the phone the other night, and missed the whole first hour of Dancing With the Stars… and then I missed the second hour because I had to turn it to THE EVENT !! 🙂

    We can’t wait for Modern Family tonight… if you haven’t seen it, definitely watch – it’s HILARIOUS.

    Please WILL some of that Jesse Spano energy my way… or come clean my house 🙂 🙂

  5. Damn summer heat is still here in NYC. I am such a “grass is greener” person when it comes to weather and the seasons. When it is summer I want fall, when it is winter I want spring. I am never happy.

    I am interested in the Event and seeing where that show goes.

  6. I was enjoying the seasonal change until we a heatwave hit this morning. Wearing a sweater in 85 degree weather is not pleasant 🙂

    Fall shows I love are White Collar (despite the horrendous writing), House and Modern Family. There are definitely some others that I just can’t think of now. I haven’t gotten into the whole Glee thing either. Might give it a try though since everyone raves about it.

  7. The weather up north is not much better, DC hit 90 today. I dont know what happened to the lovely fall weather we had going for a while but it should come back… like, now because I was planning on running tonight.

  8. I love the fall temps. Hoodie season is in full swing up here!

    My gram is pretty pumped about The Situation on DWTS – her two favorite shows have collided – haha!

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