Prepping for Race Weekend

The weekend was fabulous, no complaints. I take that back, I would like cooler weather and the Dawgs to get their game back.

It’s race week here kids! I am running the half marathon leg of our relay at the Augusta Half Ironman this Sunday. 70.3 miles of insanity. It will be awesome to get a glimpse of the pros that will be competing in the race. I feel good about the event, 100x less nervous than I was for my triathlon. I am anxious to find out how my training schedule will impact my time. I cannot believe that I stuck to the entire eight-week plan. I certainly had a few days where I deviated, but overall I paid attention to my weekly mileage.

Runner’s World SmartCoach Review

– Provided me with a plan on how to run for improvement, eliminated boredom and kept me from injury. Consistency is vital. I felt like during my last half marathon training I was running almost daily, because I thought that is what I was suppose to be doing.
– Learned the importance of speedwork. Having a routine where I completed 4 miles under 7:30 a mile each week helped to mentally strengthen my body and improve my overall pace. Incredibly hard at times but very rewarding.


– You have to allow time for “life stuff” and it can be frustrating missing a day or having to deviate from a schedule. I’m OCD, what can I say.
– Perhaps if I had paid for more than the “free” version, I could adjust my actual pace times and mileage. It would be killer to have an app that adjusted to your inputs.

The truth is, I will know how successful this plan was for me when I get my final race time. Whatever the outcome, I will look to follow more training guides. During these past few training weeks, I have experienced better control over my running and felt that I was running with purpose. I enjoy having a virtual trainer tell me what to do, go figure.

How does everyone feel about trainers and plans put together for working out? Are you good with following a schedule?

19 responses to “Prepping for Race Weekend

  1. I started with a training plan from Runners world but it got lost in my move and haven’t taken the time to print out a new copy. Obviously it wasnt that effective for me. I usually do my long run on days when I’m either not exhausted from school or am not sweating my face off in the AM. Which means when I’m lucky.

  2. For my half over the summer, I loved having the schedule to go off of. I didn’t even have to think about it- just did it withotu a problem. But now I seem to find myself busier and also just mentally rebelling against it. So I guess I’ve seen both sides of using plans like that. But I’ll still use them in the future to at least base my workout off of…

    Good luck this weekend! It sounds intense!

  3. I love plans, and I love an actual trainer (a real person is best for me!). I remember feeling the same way about tennis… if I could get paid for all my hours practicing! 🙂 There were times when I literally spent more time at the racquet club than at home. 🙂

    Have a fabulous week, my RockStar Friend! 🙂

  4. I heart that Smart Coach! I’ve used it for races over the last two years – even when I don’t stick to it 100%, it’s a helpful guide and gives me ideas for speed workouts. Now, we won’t get into my use of the “# of training weeks” function, since clearly I can’t do math….ugh.

  5. i used to be a trainer, and even if you don’t train with one there’s definitely a feeling of accountability to training plans! i say go for it 🙂

  6. I am terrible with following a schedule. I do a GREAT job of staying active around 4 times a week, but WHAT I am doing varies, and whenever I try to stick to a schedule, I implode and don’t work out at all.

  7. I learned this past weekend that when you get to race day you can’t hide your training, it will come out and show in your result. With that being said, I know you are prepared and have worked hard to be as ready as possible. Take the race in stages, cut 30 seconds over the first few miles and let your strength take you home. Good luck!

  8. I haven’t used SmartCoach, but it seems like a pretty good guide. With any training plan, I think it’s important to tailor it to your needs and your life. You’ve definitely got to leave room in your plan for life stuff!! At this point, I usually just create my own. I look at established plans as a guide, but I find I’m better at sticking with something when I’ve made it.

    And good luck next weekend!!

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