My karma ran over your dogma.

College football AND Jersey Shore tonight?! FIST PUMP to thirsty Thursday! And sweet jeebus am I ever in need of a break.

In case you were in my Twitterverse yesterday, you may have noticed I was fired up. Every blue moon I’m sure we all have the moments where you want to pull a Jerry McGuire and tell everyone how you really feel. Not sure what y’all do to return the blood pressure back to normal, but I have to walk away and take some deep breaths. Glamour magazine’s Vitamin G has a few tricks to perk yourself up.

“Got a Minute? 10 Healthy Things You Can Do for Yourself Right Now!

Give someone a hug. It will boost their mood and increase the production of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in your bod.
Stand up and stretch. Stretching is an instant energizer because it gets blood pumping throughout your bod.
Tidy up your space. Past research indicates that people who feel more control over their immediate environment feel healthier and happier.
Open your window and let the air in. Yes, even if it’s cold out! Indoor air is many times more polluted than the air floating around outside, so throw open some windows and give your lungs some clean, refreshing fresh air.

And for the fellas, I haven’t forgotten y’all. Men’s Health Magazine has “7 Mental Fakeouts That Will Improve Your Mood.” My fave: Climb the Stairway to Heaven: Everyone responds to sound differently, but hearing your favorite music–whether it’s Zeppelin or Fresh Aire–will energize, motivate, and relax.

And I’ll leave you with:

Do you have a mental fakeout you like to use? And who’s on the Jersey Shore fan train?! (it’s too tragic to not enjoy!)


17 responses to “My karma ran over your dogma.

  1. we ‘opted out’ of cable, so Jersey Shore is one train (wreck) I cannot watch. :/

    Remember a few weeks ago… I was tweeting about going to the garage and taking it out on our heavy bag… 😀 Running won’t usually cut it with me, I have to do something SUPER active. 🙂

    Or go the other way… take a bath and have a glass of wine… hope it’s all better now? (you have my email – you know you can vent, and I’m nosy!) 😉

    XO here’s to a better day!

  2. I hope that glass of Vino did a few tricks – or maybe the Hubs got an overdose of #1 on that list? Heh, kidding. Sort of.

    Where’s my glass?!

    I had one of those moments yesterday, too. Mostly because of insane traffic – which I rarely let get to me but ya know. Can’t win ’em all. When in a funk, I do one of the following 1) Clean 2) Cook 3) Run/walk.

  3. Sometimes I just go all out with a rant. It cleanses my soul. I must say, I haven’t hopped on the Jersey Shore train. I feel like my younger brother provides real-life Jersey Shore entertainment on a daily basis. It’s true.

  4. Went to my first real tailgate! Not sure if you know, but tailgaters are banned from north campus b/c of all the trash! Butt, law school can still tailgate in our courtyard, so I went to my first one! funnn! Too bad our dogs lost though 😦

    But, anyways, have a great week!

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