How Did I Ever Go Without?!

Day one of the FitSugar Give It Up Challenge, success! I agree with so many of your comments and thoughts about “giving up.” We shall see.

Have you ever needed something but were too lazy or never got around to actually getting it? I’m not talking about a want, but something practical that you always put off for one reason or another.

For me, I have two things now in my life that I wish I had sucked up and gotten sooner:

Move over fanny pack!

Fuel Belt: OK, ok take it easy on this runner. I KNOW better, but I got so use to planting water bottles around my course it made for a year-round Easter egg hunt. This weekend I finally decided that this whole 10+ mileage and no sufficient water is unacceptable…and stupid. Introducing my new bestie, it’s a Nathan Elite 1 glorified water fanny pack . I didn’t want a belt that would knock around, or one that came with 5 baby bottles. I must confess I’ve only used this for hiking, it will have its road test this weekend. At first you totally think someone is walking up behind you because the water sloshes around and if you don’t sit the belt right on your hips it’s suddenly sliding all over the place. Did I say I loved this thing? Anyway, it’s important to have this fuel belt and it saves me the mental anguish of desperately wanting water round mile 8.

I know you wanted a hawt pic of me, sorry kids!

TYR Bathing Suit: Who’s laughing now? Since I can’t swim at my gym’s pool in jean shorts (KIDDING) I decided to invest in a sexy onsie. I was hoping for something with a little umbrella skirt, but alas this will do. And no, I wasn’t swimming in my two piece prior to this! I was rocking a sports bra top that looks identical to a bathing suit top and paired that with matching bottoms. I tested my new Aurora Maxback suit out and it felt great, I can only imagine the joy that a seal enjoys sliding around in the water. Once you go LYCRA, you never go back. It’s tight, keeps my junk in place and at least now I look somewhat like I know what I’m doing. The I ruin it by whipping out my neon green and blue ear plugs. Such is life.

We all have needs! So…what’s something you NEED?!


12 responses to “How Did I Ever Go Without?!

  1. HA jean shorts at the gym… 🙂

    I am seriously NEEDING some Vibrams to run… 🙂 I am still “making sure” I am able to run any decent length for several days in a row with no pain before I buy them, but when I can it will be an exciting gift 🙂

  2. I’m another person that goes waterless during runs. I know its not smart but I hate the idea of being weighed down. I never notice my stash when on my bike so maybe something that went around my waist would work. I seriously laugh when I see people running with all those baby bottles.

  3. A job.

    Haha. Honestly, I need a new suit too- I’m rockin one from my pre-pubescent swim team days and it’s so stretched out (clearly, since it still fits) that I’m pretty sure the butt is see through. Good thing I can’t see my own butt..

  4. I really like your Nathan belt! I’m not typically a fan of the waist-pack water bottles, but this looks way better than those fuel belts with a bunch of little tiny bottles. I always imagine that would be so uncomfortable, jiggling around. And don’t your arms hit the bottles sometimes??

    These days, for my long runs, I couldn’t live without my Nathan Intensity. It holds so much water and other fuel…it’s a life-saver on those double digit runs.

    (And I love the line comparing you searching for your water bottles to an Easter egg hunt. Hilarious!)

  5. Rock that fuel belt, girl! I need new yoga clothes in the WORST way. I envy the girls with matching outfits. I’m always the one in oversized tees that slap me in the face every time I’m in down dog!

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