FitSugar – It’s OK to Give Up

Since we have been talking about seasons, perhaps this is appropriate timing. The always entertaining and educational FitSugar team launched “Give It Up For the Get Fit For 2010 Challenge” this past Friday. I know we might be late to the party, but there’s still time!

From the ladies at FitSugar:
Fall is here, which means change is coming. And I’m not talking cooler temps, or the appearance of acorn squash at the market. I’m talking lifestyle changes, ladies. The way I see it, Summer is always sort of laid back, but now, it’s time to reel it in. Say hello to the Give It Up challenge. First, think of your vices. Next, give one up. Don’t worry, the challenge is only for two weeks! That’s long enough for you to imagine your life without this thing, but not go too crazy.

I thought about this all weekend. What would I give up, could I give it up, what would be the easy thing to give up, etc.?! I have always said that you shouldn’t give anything up completely, since your body will most likely rebel back and you’ll only end up wanting that “thing ” more. When my dad decided to quit smoking, I gave up sweets for over a month – to this day I don’t know how I did it.

This corn doesn't count as a veggie.

But this whole two weeks time-frame seems manageable. I’m intrigued at this challenge. I figure if I tell you all, I’ll have to be accountable. Here’s to quitting:

  • Candy, Sweets & Desserts. It’s almost candy corn season and before I go bat crap crazy this Halloween, maybe a two weeks detox is exactly what I need. I can devour a candy bar quicker than Britney Spears can lick the orange Cheetos dust off her hands. A change could do me good.

Rick Astley can sing his jam until the cows come home, but imma have to give it up! If you are thinking about taking on the challenge you don’t have to choose food. Choose something such as giving up your cell phone after 9PM or “falking” (aka Facebook Stalking). Big or small, it’s good to stretch your limits and see what you are truly capable of once you put your mind to something.

You ready to get on board with the “Give It Up For the Get Fit For 2010 Challenge?” Even if you’re not playing along, what’s the one thing that you would consider trying to give up?


19 responses to “FitSugar – It’s OK to Give Up

  1. I think sweets would be too easy for me. I think I’ll give up my almost every evening cocktail… Jason and I got into this habit over the summer, and we’d come home and make a refreshing cocktail. I can do this… at least until my birthday! 😀

  2. Hmmm… I would like to give up… feeling guilty about having a pile of laundry to attend to 🙂

    I could also give up sweets, but since I don’t like them that much anyways, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Now giving up chips & salsa… THAT would be hard.

  3. Yea sorry. Can’t join that. LOL I couldn’t give up my candy corn. Hehehe.

    I don’t ever really like the idea of giving things up completely. Even for 2 weeks.

  4. “I can devour a candy bar quicker than Britney Spears can lick the orange Cheetos dust off her hands.” To be the thoughts in your brain would never bore me, lol.

    I remember an incident during my Freshman year of college where it became VERY clear I had OD’d on the Candy corn stash, way too early. Let’s just say I Love the stuff, but wouldn’t have an issue giving it up for 2 weeks. So, I guess that doesn’t count huh. Dangit.

    I’m maintaining the “No FroYo” for September over here! We cracked at TCBY while waiting at the airport last week – agh! So, the challenge is back on.

  5. Omgaaa you’re giving up the “autumn mix”?! It’s my favorite thing about fall! Lucky for you though, there will be plenty of bags of Halloween candy hanging out in the grocery aisle for quite some time. And ON SALE!

    It would be realllly hard for me to give up froyo and anything else that is cool and creamy. Yup, even in the cooler temps!

  6. What I COULD give up vs. What I SHOULD give up…

    I could definitely go without alcohol, chips, candy.

    I should definitely ease up on the ice cream, fro-yo, and pizza.

    I’m hoping the cooler temps assist in breaking my ice cream habit!

  7. Ooo gosh I have several:
    1. gum chewing (4-5 sticks a day)
    2. dessert (at least once a day)
    3. Evening snacks (mostly bc I’m hungry) but sometimes bc I’m not!!

    I will have to think about this. Two weeks IS manageable though1 Perhaps I should shoot for them all!!

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